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        20. Re: quit probation

        Let me guess, you play hardcore dom with a sniper rifle and you position yourself across the map and your players are running in front of you?


        Stop worrying about your stats and the game is much more fun

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          21. Re: quit probation

          If you kill teammates, thats your fault, not the games.

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            22. Re: quit probation

            If you'd like to see some HC gameplays using high streaks including a few that used Sentry guns and didn't result in getting kicked for TKing, just click on the thread below:




            There are several examples in there for you to look at.  I myself have only gotten kicked from one HC game (not from streaks btw) in 31+ days of playtime.  I have never gotten probation for it.  So as much as you might protest, your issue really does have to do with your playstyle.  Some simple adjustments and you'll find that probation really isn't a problem.

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              23. Re: quit probation

              If you want to just see a couple of examples, here are two of mine:




              Swarm - Note I did warn my teammates before calling in the swarm.

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                24. Re: quit probation

                I was cleaning it and it went off.

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                  25. Re: quit probation

                  starbuckfrack wrote:


                  There is no rating in America that does not allow the kids to buy or play this game.

                  Technically (legally), you might be right.  But...


                  Do video game retailers support and enforce the ESRB rating system?


                  While the ESRB does not have the ability to enforce its ratings at the retail level, it does work closely with retailers and game centers to display information that explains to customers how the rating system works. Moreover, major retailers have established their own store policies requiring age verification for the sale or rental of M (Mature) and AO (Adults Only) rated games, and ESRB actively encourages and supports these efforts. The most recent mystery shop study conducted by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that national retailers enforced their store policies by refusing to sell M-rated video games to customers under the age of 17 87% of the time. The ESRB Retail Council (ERC) also conducts regular mystery shop audits and finds similarly high levels of compliance.  (empahsis added.) 



                  So, practically speaking (which is all that matters), in America kids are NOT allowed to buy the game. 

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                    26. Re: quit probation

                    But usually if its a younger kid then an adult is buying it.

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                      27. Re: quit probation

                      Not too many young kids walking to their nearest game store to buy something without a parent.  So while the technicality of ESRB enforcement does exist, it's negated by circumstance.  And there is no law against parents allowing their children to play CoD in the US.  Therefore, despite other countries restrictions you will continue to find children online playing CoD.

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                        28. Re: quit probation

                        phx is right.  At least here in LA kids must be accompanied by a parent for them to have any luck buying it at, for example, Gamestop or Best Buy. 


                        Problem is parents allowing their children to play the game, especially online and exposing them to all the foul adult idiots.   

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                          29. Re: quit probation

                          That's what she said

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