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    Shooting down care package helos

      The answer to this may seem obvious and I think I know the answer, but I'm looking for some confirmation: When the enemy has an incoming care package and you shoot down the helicopter, even though the care package has dropped (or is in the process of landing), does it also destroy the care package?


      I'm assuming it does because I always get 125 XP for it. I know - all I have to do is wait for the enemy to deploy whatever was in the care package - IF it arrived. But honestly, once I shoot that thing down and I'm switching back to my primary, I feel like a sitting duck (and often pay the price!). I'm thinking about other things at that moment and not concentrating on what may have arrived for them.


      This may sound silly to some, and I actually think it is, but all I need to do to earn "gold" on the launcher is destroy an AGR. And I almost had it the other day! But, the other team was ahead and got the final kill right as I was waiting for the launcher to lock on to the target! Man-o-man I was bummed!


      Anyway, I love shooting down UAV's, CAUV's and care packages. I get killed for doing it, most of the time, but I feel like I'm helping the team. And if I actually AM denying the other team of a care package, that makes it all worth it!