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    People who want to do any easter egg on Black ops 2 either Maxis or Richtofen side

      Due to me and my clan recently finishing all easter eggs in Black ops 2 then I'm giving up time to anybody who wishes to do them. You must not yet have done that easter egg or easter egg side, I won't do an easter egg if you have already done it except if you want to swap sides. If you want any of the following easter eggs done then message me on Xbox live, Xbox gamertag: xX Sh4doWKillZ.


      Buried: Richtofen or Maxis sides (plus I will click the box if you want to see the end game)

      Die rise: Richtofen or Maxis sides

      TranZit: Richtofen or Maxis sides


      I only do these easter eggs! not MOTD as there is seriously no actual point in that one!.

      Reply to this post if your interested or simply message me through my gamertag on Xbox!


      You must be a respectful and co-operative player who listens carefully to intructions, i dont play with trollers.

      You don't have to be at any specific rank cus i dont judge people by that stupid unreasonable ranking system.


      I will reply to any requests as soon as i can from this post, i can reply by xbox much quicker though.


      THIS IS NOT A HATE POST! just to people who cant resist to open their mouths

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