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    Impressions of the new map pack??

      C'mon, admit it - even though you SWORE you weren't going to buy it, you did!


      Me, too....


      So what's everyone think so far? I think it's better than the last offering. The only map I liked on the last DLC was Detour. These all seem to be fairly large maps. I think I'm going to have the most problems on Dig, but so far I think I like them all.


      Been playing with bots most of the morning, just trying to figure out the layouts and figure things out.


      Thoughts? Opinions? Tips?

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          first thoughts are good the maps are great it just the playstyle of the game changes for 3-4 days

          i have to run perks i hate running like ghost, cold blooded vlid eye, dead silence  i have to play like a corner camper just to get a v-sat once i've got that though things change lol will be 10 times better next week!!

          overall id say 7/10

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            muhahaha,,, I'm still at the 'swearing stage,' haven't got them yet

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                (This just for Frost).  Funny thing is I tend to do well on some new maps (I did well on Magma at first too) for the first few games because I play very cautiously, moving from cover to cover and avoiding being in the open for too long.  Then there's a down time when I think I have the map down.  Then back to normal. 


                Extreme rushers and one-spot campers are particularly annoying in new maps because I'm trying to learn the map and the 5-15 rushers by happenstance will stumble in the middle of my team's spawn; and, obvioulsy, the one-spot campers will catch me off guard.  Once I learn the maps, things get back to normal. 

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                I like Frost.  It's like Uplink except the buildings are more spread out like they're supposed to be.  I don't like Uplink because it's just too cluttered.

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                  I have it, but have not played it.


                  The problem with DLC is: If you buy one, you either have to disable it, or buy them all (otherwise you find no games).  I plan on playing some today so I may report back.

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                    I like it.  TBH there aren't many maps in the whole of BO2 I dislike, apart from perhaps Hijacked and Nuketown.  It isn't that I dislike those, more a case that they don't work in domination, which is all I play.  Dig is a real "who has the quickest reactions" map.

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                        You play Domination and you dislike Hijacked ?? It's about the only map I like .. Always have action .. Interesting ..


                        Domination is the only thing I play .. I can't be bothered with anything else .. And most of these maps torment me except for the recycled maps from BO1 ..


                        Playing Frost the other day, and some dude shot on the side of the map and then he fell into the ice .. I thought that was hilarious (he probably didn't though) .. The maps okay, I just wish they threw in some second story buildings (of course, there may be some, I just haven't found them yet) .. Not much to say on the other maps except they really opened up Stadium .. Much more action now ..

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                        Here's my thoughts after one night of playing on the new maps.


                        Dig - can't stand this map, feel like I'm trapped in hall ways, no good lines of sight

                        Takeoff - Don't really care for any of the Black Ops remake maps, this one included (let's try to do something original and not be lazy Treyarch)

                        POD - I like this map, would like to get up into some of the pods for the ability to snipe

                        Frost - I like this map as well. Nice layout and flow for domination. Once again, wish there were second floor rooms you could use to snipe.

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                          I like the maps but there are still some flows    

                               1. digs spawns are nuts because the spawn right behind you where as in other maps there is a bit of a distance

                               2. in frost I saw someone get outside the map but I don't think it affects the game that much just weird

                               3. lastly the dam LMG target find guys need to go lol jk there ok it just that the get annoying sometimes

                          anyone up for origins easter egg I need three ppl for the trip any offers

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                            I hate them all as far as the multiplayer goes.

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                              My thoughts - "Dig" - this map was garbage in World at War and its still garbage here - no idea why they decided to bring this map back.


                              "Takeoff" is ok - Stadium was just ok - so no change.


                              "Frost" I really like - I love any map with snow really.


                              "Pod" - I actually haven't played a game yet on this map - but I think I'll like it.

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                                I've purchased every mappack up to this point but I was so disappointed with Detour and Uplink that I've decided not to make the gamble this time. Not to mention that treyarch has made the game pretty much unplayable for me with the last two useless upgrades.




                                "Hey, we fixed some stuff that hardly effects anyone negatively. Now, enjoy your 1.5 second disadvantage to every Tom, ****, and Harry that picks up a controller."


                                Map-Pack? Hell, I don't even know if I'll take the gamble with BO3.

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                                  Origins is great and the MP maps are all very different and interesting. I have been enjoying them

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                                    I actually jealous that i can't get the new Map-Packs.  

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                                      I didn't buy this map pack or the last. it's a waste of cash with Ghosts right around the corner.

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                                        Dear treyarch when you made this "origins" zombie map, WTF were you thinking, its impossible to make it past round 20 and if you say you did your lying or you used glitches. i can make it to round 68 solo on buried but cant get past round 16 with 4 people and 11 solo. you guys are stupid for making the zombies on round 1 of origins like zombies on round 15 of buried. who ever thought of the whole generators thing is dumb and the little and big robots in the map are retarded. and why is it that a pack-a-punched ray gun takes 8 shots on round 12 to kill one zombie but a regular ray gun takes 2 shots to kill them. yea that makes sense. thanks for thinking about the people like you always do treyarch, NOT, maybe your game would be more successful if you did what infinity ward does and thinks about the fans and don't try so hard cause it makes the game and the people that created it look stupid, but on the 4 multiplayer maps i would like to say good job, you actually did something right for once.