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    Best Class Set-up for Domination

      So, I play mostly Domination and I believe I found the best class set-up for this game mode that can really help out newer players or players who want to improve overall.  This class will not make you a better player instantly, that comes in time with practice and improving yourself. However, what it will do is give you the tools to help you do much better.  The main focus of this class is to help you survive, be able to capture flags/defend flags successfully, and maximize your points input so you can earn your scorestreaks and level up much faster. Another great thing is, with the exception of Flak Jacket, a lot of the perks and equipment are unlocked in the very early levels, so you can set-up the class much sooner than later. Below is a breakdown of the class set-up.


      Primary: MSMC* w/ Quickdraw Handle*


      -*Or any SMG you enjoy using* I suggest an SMG here because they work best in close and mid-range battles, and thats where you want most of your battles to be.  Also, with the exception of most shotguns, they have the best hip fire capabilities, the fastest ADS time, and give 100% run speed, so you want to take advantage of all of those. Especially if your opponent is using slow, sluggish weapons. I attach the quickdraw handle to just give me an extra speed boost when it comes to ADSing. While it does ADS fast, sometimes in situations where it's SMG vs SMG, the person who can get of their shots first and accurately will win, so this gives me a little edge in those battles.  *Attachment is up to you or you can leave it blank for an extra slot to use*


      Secondary: FHJ-18 AA Launcher


      -Since SMGs are already effective in QCBs, a pistol secondary is not necessary at all. So, be that guy on the team that runs anti-air support and shoot everything down. There are 2 benefits to this: 1) you help the team out when you take out UAVs/CUAVs, or a lethal scorestreak. 2) you help yourself towards your scorestreak because those are quick and easy points for you.  Depending on what you shoot down, you earn anywhere between 75-175 points. Use that to your advantage.  Also, when you run out of FHJ rockets, you can just pick up another weapon off the ground and have 2 primaries.


      Perk 1: Flak Jacket* + Blind Eye [Perk 1 Greed]


      -In perk 1 tier, the most important perk for Domination is Flak Jacket. Especially since you'll be constantly going for flags; whether it's capturing or defending them, you want to be able to survive most explosive attacks.  *The only possible problem with Flak Jacket is that isn't unlocked until lvl 32. So, if you don't have it unlocked, I'd either run Hardline instead, or just Blind Eye solo and use the other points for lethal equipment and another attachment. Then be sure to use the permanent unlock for Flak Jacket when you prestige.*


      Blind Eye works because it keeps you safe from air AI controlled scorestreaks like the Hunter Killer Drone, especially when you're trying to cap a flag. It sucks when you're so close and a HK suddenly takes you out. It also protects you from Stealth Choppers and Escort Drones when capping. While you are running the FHJ, if you're on a flag, you should be more focused on killing enemies trying to get you off the flag than shooting down their air support. So, the purpose of this class is to help improve the chances of you earning a capture because you dont have to worry about enemy air AI scorestreaks. Then, after you've capped, you can shoot them down and thats a lot of points for you.


      Perk 2: Toughness


      -I think toughness is the best perk in tier 2 because most of your deaths will come from gun battles.  You're already protected (for the most part) from explosives thanks to Flak Jacket and you don't have to worry about AI air support scorestreaks killing you thanks to Blind Eye. Not to mention, most other scoresreaks are easy to destroy, kill, or avoid, so, the only thing you really have to worry about is getting gunned down by an enemy. Again, this class is geared to helping your survive and Toughness helps by reducing your flinching when you're being shot at so you can land those shots on your enemy effectively and secure the kill.  If you pair this with the SMGs fast ADS time with the quickdraw handle, you are setting yourself up to potentially win a lot of gun fights, even if you didn't get the first shot off.


      Perk 3: Dexterity or Tac Mask


      -For perk 3, I like Dexterity the most because this perk ties in ties in so well with both Toughness and the ADS speed of an SMG with a quickdraw handle. Fast sprint recovery + excellent hip fire/fast(er) ADS speed + less flinch is probably how I win most of my gun fights. These are all tools to help you survive and get those gun kills, so why wouldn't you use them? Are they necessary to use to do well, not at all, but you'll probably do much better if you did use them than if you didn't. Another useful perk is Tac Mask; especially if you don't like being flashed/concussed. I personally have no problem with it, so I use Dexterity, but either perk can benefit you.


      Lethal: Semtex Grenade*


      -If you chose not to use any attachments on your SMG, you have an option for a lethal equipment. I find the semtex works best for defending a flag from a far or clearing an area/room.  With a much shorter fuse time, it's perfect for both aggressive and defensive situation. I also like that it can be thrown much further than a C4 and it cant be tossed away like a frag grenade. However, it does have a much smaller blast radius and poor throws means it could get stuck somewhere far from your inteded target, like a wall.


      Tactical: EMP Grenade x 2


      -This is, in my opinion, the best tactical equipment you can use. It has so many benefits for you as a player and your team, you'd be foolish not to take advatage of them.  The most important benefit is the EMP grenade has a huge radius, goes through walls, and destroys everything. And by everything, I mean everything. Enemy lethal/tactical equipment and scorestreaks like sentry guns, guardians, and AGRs [2 emps], stand no chance. So, you can easily clear a flag of anything your enemies might have set-up with a simple piece of equipment so you and your teammates can capture it. On top of that, you earn so many points for destroying things that it can add up quickly.  Another benefit of the EMP grenade is that it's effects last a very long time on the enemies (unless they wear Hard Wired).  I believe the effect of the EMP last 10 seconds, so thats 10 seconds of the enemy not having an HUD, not having a working dual band/target finder, and not being able to use their scorestreaks. Also, for every kill a team gets on an enemy you've EMP'd earns you 50 points. Again, it adds up very quickly.


      Scorestreaks: UAV, CUAV, Lightning Strike


      -I like this set-up because they're very low scoestreaks and easy to cycle through.  Since this class is not using Hardline, higher scorestreaks are a lot harder to come by. They're not impossible, but there is a lot more risk in going for them. Hardline is not necessary for this scorestreak set-up because this class is to made to help your survive and maximize your points input so you can cycle through them. UAV/CUAV benefits both you and your teammates. As for the Lightning Strike, I believe this is the best scorestreak in the entire game, especially for Domination.


      First of all, it's very easy to earn; especially with this class set-up.  No other scorestreak can really give map control like the Lightning Strike with it's near insant deployment.  You can clear flags or lock down an area so effectively with this scorestreak and the fact that it cant be destroyed or countered makes it even more deadly/useful.  Other scorestreaks like the swarm can give better map control, but they're easily countered with the Blind Eye perk, making it useless.  Other scorestreaks are easily shot down or destroyed  with a simple EMP grenade or two. On top of that, it has a personal use by being a portable UAV for you.  Just activate it and look at the map to see where enemies are, but dont deploy the bombs. I've used this tactic a number of times to help me earn my UAV/CUAV.  And while your teammates can't see it, if you're running with a team, you can easily give the location of the enemies to them using this tactic.


      This is the set-up for my best Domination class. It's geared to make you a very aggressive and successful Domination team player by allowing you to capture/defend flags safely and effectively, it also helps you survive most situations against explosives, scorestreaks, and gun battles, and it helps you as a player by maximizing your points input so you can earn a ton of XP and level-up faster. Again, this class wont guarantee you will become a much better player, but it does give you the tools necessary in order to help you do well and be an objective oriented team player. Also, this class is not intended for a slayer roll.  While I have have had great results with class going 30-5 or similar, this class is not meant for you to get a high number of kills.  You're best bet is to put yourself in a position where you can defend the B flag well.  You're a player who is going to be the one who hops on flags when it's clear and keeps the enemy off them, so at the end, you should have a good number of caps and defends.


      Opinions and thoughts on the class?

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          Re: Best Class Set-up for Domination

          Good post, overall great Dom class and good reasoning behind why you use each piece of equipment.


          As far as helping newer players the only thing I would add to your post is Fast Mags. I wouldnt even mention Ext Mags because that would still require to much accuracy and reload management for a new player lol (no offense new players).


          Maybe even pick the score streaks lower with RC XD and Hunter Killer because they are great for defending flags.


          These suggestions are based purely on helping newer players of course.

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              Re: Best Class Set-up for Domination

              Thanks for the reply.


              Fast mags could be very beneficial for a newer player when it comes to reloading. However, if they're slightly more experienced, then I would suggest learning how to reload cancel to cut that animation time in almost half and still have similar effects.


              As for the scorestreaks, I like the HK drone.  In fact, since the CUAV is not unlocked until level 33, my set-up until then is UAV, HK Drone, Lightning Strike.  If a newer player is having trouble reaching the LS, then I can see a scorestreak set-up of UAV, RCXD, HK or UAV, HK, CUAV working for them.

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                  Re: Best Class Set-up for Domination

                  I agree and I actually think your set up in your OP is overall better just throwing some ideas in there for debate.


                  The thing is about HK is you dont know if it will kill the exact player trying to cap your flag but for some reason, if you hear "Losing B" and you throw you HK you get a defend about everytime. Seemingly its not the best for defending a flag because you have no control over it but it seems to know when you need a defend.


                  The HK is also good for caps Go prone on a flag and throw that beast out to kill the enemy close by.


                  Lets not forget about Smoke Grenades, but I dont know how good a Smoke Grenade is in the hands of a new player lol.

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