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    Starting Pistol Only Clan PS3

      Hello all I've just created a Pistol/Knife only clan on PS3 that I have intentions of continuing on COD: Ghosts.  Non-Competitive with the only requirements that you only use Pistols, Tactical Knife and Throwing Knives for Lethal kills.  I find this a very fun and interesting way to challenge myself when playing and would like to find some gamers out there that feel the same. Plus, it feels great to destroy someone using their ACR Crutch-rifle with a USP .45 Extended Mags :) Mic's Preferred but not necessary. Search Elite for PXSTXLS XNLY. I will accept all applications regardless of K/D (I may look like a noob in my stats but its a new account, previous account K/D was 1.78)