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    Camping - The Final Solution

      There are many players out who detest campers .. Well good news .. Implementing the following changes will get rid off camping once and for all ..


      Are you ready ? Here we go ..


      1. Remove the prone & crouch position ..


      - Prone generally used for snipers anyways and since most players quick scope on the run, it's most really needed anyways ..


      2. At the start of the match, everyone's avatar is always on the move (no idle position, they are always at the minimum, walking) ..


      - The player only controls left, right, jump or climb .. Other than that, the player is always in motion .. It may be a bit of a challenge with Domination (capturing the objectives) and search & destroy (planting and defusing bombs, but the player base has been asking for a challenge saying the game is too simple, this will give them one .. It will also make boosting a little harder to do ..


      You implement the above two suggestions and poof, camping will be a distant memory ..


      Everyone who hates campers will be forever happy and we can move on to more important things, like nerfing all the guns, how to improve fire rates on the sniper rifles and increasing throw distances on the C4 packets ..


      Let me know what you think 

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          Re: Camping - The Final Solution

          This is a joke, right?

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            Re: Camping - The Final Solution

            You cannot ever stop camping no matter what is tried. Players will always find a way to camp. Plus camping is just as legit and valid a playstyle as rushing aka headless adrenaline monkey players.


            So no, neither of those would stop it at all.

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              Re: Camping - The Final Solution

              What is it with people who think camping is the problem and not themselves?


              Why is it that too many players think they own the rights to how to play the game?


              These ideas (nothing personal vs you) are all terrible and lame.

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                Re: Camping - The Final Solution

                This was never meant to be taken seriously ..

                As if Activision would create a game where people were always moving (or at least, I hope they don't) ..

                I just wanted to highlight all those people who complain about campers (ironically, they are camping when they get killed and complain about the other guy camping if that makes any sense) ..

                Now, go back to playing the game ..

                It's supposed to be double XP, although, I'm not getting any .. Go figure ..

                Jeesh ..

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                  Re: Camping - The Final Solution

                  Rushers never implied they could tell any how to play.  Just pack all the campers up together and let them play each other.  Is that too much to ask?  Camping is a valid strategy... in ... in... oh yeah good games.  Activision would never implement this they make a lot of money off people who with low standards.  This is years of campers trying to bait people into engaging them. You win.  I don't know what paying to do well in this game accomplishes but you win.  Congrats to activision those who can't cut it will always have a home here.  It was your job not to fall for this.  I camp a lot.  I would never camp in this game but I camp a lot.  It's just getting embarrassing playing this game.

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                    Re: Camping - The Final Solution

                    Its clear to see that your problem is not with people camping etc etc but its clear that you are rubbish at it , hence all the hating u have no clear idea on how a game is deigned  ( the dev`s aint just sum random people who got sacked from mcdonalds! you do know that) as mentioned above your clearly looking for an argument up on the forums and thought it would be funny to post this comment????


                    Y hate campers if you look at real life time situation ( take for example the troubles in kenya recently)

                    The bad guys ran in stormed the place (run n gun)

                    The good guys came along took up strategic spots (camped)

                    Bad guys V good guys = good guys won


                    Run around too much u get hurt simple


                    HAPPY HUNTING or camping (but shh dont tell Orvidor)

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                      Re: Camping - The Final Solution

                      That's your opinion. Here's mine:


                      I think they need to implement the following to remove Runners and Gunners:


                      1) Remove the ability to run.


                      2) Remove hip fire (you have to be aiming down site to shoot your gun)


                      3) Add in a permanent Orbital VSAT that shows any player that is moving around.


                      Sounds stupid right? Well, now you know how it feels to read a post with a bad idea.


                      And for those that somehow think I'm serious, I'm not...just trying to prove a point.


                      PS - I just saw your reply to your post stating this was sarcasm...either way...my point remains

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