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    Shotguns Overpowered??

      This is not a complaint thread (unusual I know) but I was just playing MW3 and decided to whip out my trusty USAS 12 and felt like sharing my amusement at the Idea that people are actually calling shotguns (R870) overpowered I would just like to ask: compared to what? The USAS was SOOOOOOO much better in every way to any shotgun on BO2 its unreal: Semi-Auto (technically full-auto but the RoF is so low it might as well be), 6 rounds technically lower than R870 but is magazine feed so has lower full reload time, OHKs with Hip-fire at ranges the R870 gets hit-markers, need I go on? so yer I just find it amusing that there are people claiming shotguns in this game to be OP.

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          1. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

          The BO2 shotguns will be OP until Ghosts, then thosr shotguns will be the most OP and people will beg for them ti be nerfed back to BO2 levels.

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            2. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

            I don't know if I would say its over powered but to me it takes away from the game. Its very easy to get a reasonable score with a shot gun but at the same time your probably not going to get a flawless either. The reason I see it as a problem (again opinion) Is it makes the gun fight less about skill and more about paper/rock/scissors or in this case close/medium/long range. basically you are only going to loss a close gun fight if you really dropped the ball or got flanked. Many of your gun fights will be won even when the enemy has better aim, evasion, and out right skill in said gun fight. I tend to like games that are more about skill not like Yahtzee, poker or War the card game which really on a lot of luck or a lot of randomness. When one goes for the objectives you find yourself in every gun fight range there is and if someone happens to have a shotgun in close range you loss almost every time if the player is even semi skillful. All in all its opinion and I'm no trying to start a war. That's my opinion on the subject.

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              3. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

              shotguns are definitely not OP in BO2. I get way way too many hitmarkers and marshmallow bullets with them.

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                4. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                Shotguns require more skill to use than SMGs and ARs that have unlimited range.  Plus, I'd say the Crossbow is probably one of the most skillful weapons to use in BO2 but barely anyone uses it.

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                  5. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                  I find shotguns to be the most fun category of all weapons in almost every title. Even if the gun takes a couple rounds and very close range, you just need to position yourself in the most effective locations throughout the maps.


                  These were my favs. Not overpowered, just effective.


                  BO2- R870

                  MW3- Striker

                  BO- SPAS-12

                  MW2- AA-12

                  WaW- Not fun for me (Trenchgun)

                  CoD4- M1014

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                    6. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                    You can tell when someone's a newbie to the series when they complain that the R870 or KSG are OP, they've obviously never played MW2, whose shotguns were more lethal and consistent, and were secondaries on top of that.(yet still weren't even "OP", minus the original akimbo models)

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                      7. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                      I think the pre-patch akimbo models where kinda in their own category of OP, the only weapon I know of to be more over-powered was BF3's pre-patch USAS12 with frag rounds.

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                        8. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                        Yeah, the akimbo 1887's were in their own class of overpowered. Actually brought new meaning to the word.

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                          9. Re: Shotguns Overpowered??

                          the spaz was OP in MW2, it had amazing range and was almost always a 1 hk despite the player been a good distance away, its alot farther then the shotguns in this game have

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