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    Can someone explain to me why im stuck playing HC ?

      After a truly awful few days playing domination and going 3-30 everyday (im a 2kdr player) I tried HC, and found though slower paced, when I outplay a guy and shoot 1st I win the fight. My accuracy improved, my kdr rose from 1.40 to 1.90, I was regularly top player in the lobby, or lobby leaderboard at least, I go positive every game almost, and im currently on a 50+ game winning streak. Then occasional I party up and they all play domination, so I go and play and lose EVERY 1 v 1, just like HC , I get in the position to get the kill, I empty full clips into people AND THEY DONT DIE!


      Ive caught guys capping flags and put full mags into their backs, and they get up and kill me while I reload. Its gotten to the stage where I cant bear to play core anymore, even TDM. I didnt want to end my streak by playing tdm in a party, but I accepted an invite (I only play TDM or HCTDM on best search, as on 3 bars I never get kills), and I was in a bloody TDM , and we where just leading, and after 2 mins and me being 1-13, im thinking WTF have I done, im on 2 bars, and losing every 1 v 1, cursing myself for losing my streak due to stupidity. Luckily we won 75-73 and I turned round my own performance but still had a bad 8-14, but it meant I had to use an lmg to get kills, and even then it took like 30 bullets to kill.


      My style and aim in the exact same in both core and hard core, 2 bullets to kill in hard core, 30 to kill in core.


      I never had any probs in other CODs, same internet, same everything.  Now I play 99% HC modes, and doubt i`ll ever prestige ever again. as it takes too long.