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    Any high speed users feel ripped off?

      The last 6 weeks have been absolutely brutal!  Im so tired of rage quitting in disgust but the game is simply unplayable the past month. Yes, i am on high speed but i have turned off my router security, did all the recommended things those guides say to do like wired connection yadda yadda yadda and still lag!!   I have amazingly fast internet at near 100 down 55up and a ping under 20 yet for some reason im always seeing people teleport in front of me and then im dead before i can fire a shot. I spent a ton of money on this game and feel like Activision simply does NOT care about us high speed players.


      Now they can come here and give me all this fancy talk about different connections vs different host crap but they know this game clearly is OVER compensating the higher speed players too much. Not just a little too much, WAY WAY too much.  Its not just black ops either, on mw3 i died 70,000 times on my connection, 70k!!   Then, one day i go to a friends house whom has slow, slow DSL and i go 45-2 on his internet. I did not have a single game below 23 kills at his house playin for hours, i dominated like no other. I come home to my internet 5x faster than his, i pull host nearly every game and get wiped over and over and over.


      Why give high speed such an obvious disadvantage and worse, why keep covering up the fact that slower connections (especially DSL) are given such a HUGE advantage over me?  In wow and mw2 and cod 4 i felt like i had an equal chance in every gun fight. In this game and mw3 i feel like i have to shoot them in the back or run up with an smg blazing or use a shotgun because anything else is instant death as they get multiple seconds to shoot at me yet on my screen im dead instantly.


      How is the lag getting worse?  Does Activision plan on EVER lessening up the overcompensation and moreover will they admit that the game is broke and does over compensate?  I feel totally ripped off for all the money i spend on internet and this game to get such futile connections on a constant basis.

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          1. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

          you do not need that much bandwidth unless you stream to 20,000 people while downloading adult films, if you feel ripped off it is because you are ripping yourself off

          this also basically tells us nothing about your actual wire connection (splits, etc.), your isp, your location, how your ports are, how your isp handles traffic (throttling or shaping), etc.

          there are a lot of things that can be wrong with your connection

          don't be the "hey look at how much bandwidth speedtest.net says i have!" guy

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            2. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

            Well, its funny because everyone in my town who has this game and high speed cable experiences the same difficulty. The game is unplayable, i shouldnt have to adjust 10,000 different settings to the game, the game should adjust to me. This is bad coding pure and simple.  This is the ONLY online game where my friends and i experience this sort of lag, every other online game i play works just fine.

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              3. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

              Yes been feeling that way since BO1 came out. Gets a little bit worse for high speed/low ping players with each new release. Not buying Ghosts. I'm starting to see the death rattle in the COD series. Spent around 500 bucks over the past 7 years supporting/investing in this game all for Activision to take a huge dump on us.


              Play some GTA 5. You will see what good programming looks like. That game is a masterpiece. GTA 5, 4 year production, every detail worked out down to having playable golf courses, yoga seasons and tennis courts. Heck theres even an amusement park you can ride rides. Not to mention the strip clubs with private dances you can get.


                BO1, MW3, BO2 game "programmers" using wizards to reskin maps using existing textures and objects, faulty netcode, 15 year old gaming engine. Spent 6 months at best creating recycled maps. I don't know how they continue to sell this POJ to the general public. BO2 and future COD games shouldnt cost more than the price of a map pack considering there is hardly any labor behind its creation. Its turned into a money grab machine with no intention of ever pleasing the customer.

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                4. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                No internet speed is required for this game or any other online console game. Your high speed is for downloading and streaming movies.


                When you play online games it is like you buying a sportscar that only goes in first gear. You dont need all the other gears. The HOST is the one who basically decides how good your connection is. So yeah, you didnt need all that fast internet connection to play the game. You let yourself get ripped off.


                The reason you are seeing issues is called latency and it is based on the other 11 connections in your game.



                BTW I am sure you are basing your 20 ping off of speedtest or pingtest. Those connections mean nothing in this game. The game is not a one second connection to a server of your choice. It is a consistent rapidly changing  connection to another players house.

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                  5. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                  Black ops 1 started a trend of host disadvantage and its bogus. If you can sit here and say that it does not exist youre ignorant of the facts or lying. Before Bops 1 host had the advantage not disadvantage and this game is this game crushes high speed on host unless youre playing with an entire lobby of high speed players (extremely rare).

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                    6. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                    You know your 100 down and 55 up? The game only requires about 1mb of each to run. The rest of your bandwidth is sitting there doing sod all. Your 'speed' isn't a measure of how fast your data reaches you, its a measure of how MUCH data you can move in one go.


                    Think of it like a pipe, a wider pipe will shift more water at once than a narrow one, but the water will travel at the same speed through both. Make sense? When the game requires around 1mb down and up, theres no point having this cornucopia of bandwidth. All that would allow you to do IN THEORY is to surf the net and download stuff at the same time as gaming. In theory. In practise doing that will destabilise your connection enough that a whole bunch of WTF moments will occur in games based in miliseconds the way CoD is.


                    I used to have a 10mb FO connection. I now have a 50MB. I first played on whatever random prehistoric BB my parents had before I moved out. My experiences have been consistent across all, as the connections were clear when I gamed, and stable.


                    EDIT: Also, "xxxx should adapt to ME" bad attitude to have. Want to play games online, you have to set yourself up correctly and accept that there WILL be some BS. This is nothing new.

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                      7. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                      I have high speeds. 50mb fibre optic. When I host I am never put at a disadvantage.

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                        8. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                        So, we're comparing an offline, single player 3rd person free roam sandbox game to an online multiplayer FPS? Seems legit 0.o

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                          9. Re: Any high speed users feel ripped off?

                          The game may supposedly "run fine for you" but you are missing the big picture.


                          This game and ALL others out there the threads are full of lag complaints.


                          You say this is the only game you experience this type of issue but in your other post you claim it happened to you in MW3. Exaggerate much ?

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