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    List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

      This thread will compile a list of bugs and issues encountered in the Origins gamemode since its release for the PS3 edition. This is to let the Treyarch team know what requires fixing, because some of these are heavily disruptive. Many of these glitches and issues have been confirmed by multiple players (bar the final one, at least to my knowledge). While most, if not all of the ones posted in the title post have been experienced by me, they have also been experienced by other players who are not always in the same game as I, absolving me of being the common denominator.

      - Jumping to the first lightning staff piece occasionally doesn't appear to work correctly, a claim that is supported by the difficulty people have faced reaching it. As you jump, the jumping action seems to cut out, leaving you to fall to the ground. This does not occur at either of the other two jump spots. In one game, a player attempt to leap in one game, however he simply froze and was downed in mid air for fifteen seconds, before falling to the ground, on top of another player (who was not downed). This may be the result of standing on the tank's edge whilst there is a barrier that exists to prevent you from jumping. Attempting to do so downs the player and makes the screen go black until they crawl back onto the path.

      - Attempting to activate the switch to call the tank when the player has less than 500 points causes "A Tank Ride" to play regardless.

      - Character quotes, usually in relation to buildables, are uttered in the incorrect/opposite order. Finding the first piece of a buildable will result in the character using a quote that fits only when the piece being retrieved is the final one.

      - Zombies can damage players from behind when they have the zombie shield on their back. The shield is not damaged, instead it is quite simply ignored.

      - Zombies do not move away from the downed player's body. Confirmed for Solo. Rather, the zombies continue to run at/on top of the player as Quick Revive kicks in, preventing them from any movement, particularly if they were facing a wall. Once Quick Revive has done its job, the player is immediately downed due to the zombies not having relocated.
      - While not a glitch (as far as I'm aware), zombies that sprint after the tank and leap onto it via the back seem to do so way too early to be plausible, even for Zombies. This trait is not present in zombies sprinting after the bus in TranZit.

      - Undamaged zombies occasionally die and do not respawn, which begins the next round. This isn't present on any other map, as far as I'm aware.

      - The zombie shield, when broken, occasionally transfers the swipes that were done unto it onto the player, causing them to either be downed or plunged into the near-death screen. This is especially concerning when the player is in mud, as being hit slows the player, which in itself is intentional, however these illegitimate swipes disallow the player to achieve a distance between them and the zombies.
      - Some zombies, when shot at very close range, seemingly ignore bullets fired into them, or still attack the player once they have been killed (no, not just head removed, points awarded for kill and all related proofs of death, however they die after a few seconds, much like lag on a server).

      - Zombies chasing the tank may not begin sprinting.

      - Zombies chasing the tank may sometimes continue sprinting once they have boarded.

      - Zombies chasing the tank continue to sprint at the player after they have left the tank.

      - Zombies clambering onto the tank may run once on board (not sprinting), as opposed to walking, which they have been seen to do. Either walking whilst on the tank is a glitch, or the sprinting and running is.

      - The following message: "Error: dobj for xmodel 'c_zom_tomb_nikolai_fb' has more than 160 bones (see console for details)" This glitch removes the player from the game. I completed round twenty-two, and as the number became twenty-three, I accidentally equipped the Maxis Drone. The game then proceeded to cut to the Black Ops II black loading screen and present me with the above error. My round was recorded and to confirm, I was playing as Nikolai at the time. If it's also relevant, I was located outside of the church in Freya's footprint, chest-side, with the Boomhilda, Ull's Arrow and Argarthan Reaper at the time. I did not have claymores.

      Feel free to list additional issues you have found in the comments, as it will provide Treyarch with a definitive list of them as well as keep these issues known of.

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          Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

          Apparently it is allowable to "bump" topics, so I will do so. Some of these bugs/glitches and issues are near-gamebreaking, rendering the Origins mode almost unplayable, so I feel it is therefore important for this thread to be seen.

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              Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

              HEres a few more to add to the list:

              in public games it sometimes will prevent easter egg progress if there is a host migration

              the wind staff upgrade challenge sometimes takes all the ammo to shoot the smoke the right way

              the panzer will sometimes down you if it lands too close to you at the start of the round

              the tank will down you while jumping to get staff parts when the flame throwera are active

              completed soul chests and generators reset at the start of a round

              only one of three easter egg songs is playable

              leaving a robots head causes you to get downed

              nukes dont kill the zombies that are damaging you and allows them to still hit you with increased health

              jug takes 8-10 hits to down you in the crazy place, not complaining just putting it out there

              staff parts dont spawn at all throughout the game, mostly records


              these are just the ones ive seen todau so there are probably a lot more that well find before the next patch

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                  Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                  What system are you using to get that many bugs?


                  I'll say that the Host Migration does negate your EE, but it's the same if someone joins your private party AFTER you completed the 4 ultimate staff, it will have the same effect for some reason.


                  Did the EE 5 times in 2 days, i haven't seen any issues with any staff part, panzer always spawn close, but NEVER on us and get us down.


                  Getting out of a robot at the same time will result into a double down if you hit your partner, not sure if you go down solo.


                  The jump for the first lightning part is tricky indeed, not sure it's a bug but rarely do i miss


                  Wind staff: You need to shoot the balls facing the middle (pack-a-punch). Never took me more than 1 hit on each to get it.


                  I'll add one to the list aswell... Sometimes when 2 teamates die completely, When they respawn, they will crash one into another and cause em to both go down without even having 1 zombie spawn... Weird


                  Now about something else... called a glitch? One you get the 4 ultimate staff, you can skip the part where you need to put the 3 ultimate staff into the robot, by simply putting the fire staff into the altar in the excavation site 10 times or more.


                  I did the EE couple times, even 1 time with that dude that glitched the robot part, it's annoying to see cheaters, so i'll just report the bug so maybe it can get patched Soo yeah, i won't critizise anyone here, but there is alot of stuff on bo2 that only SOME players see, just like hackers on MP. Adapt to the game, and have fun all

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                Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                I bet the only thing that will be fixed is the jug thing

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                  Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                  Hi DavetheDisturbing,


                  Thank you for listing such a detailed post.  Were any of the above a one time occurrence or happens frequently?


                  Thanks ^AH

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                    Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                    My biggest problem is alot of the time playing on solo, and 4 different times playing in public matches the staff altars don't spawn in the robots and the fifth one doesn't appear in the staff room once all four staffs are upgraded, making the easter egg impossible to continue.

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                      Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                      Here are more issues i have also encountered in Origins..........

                      1st of all some guns have to be reloaded 2-3 times which is not good and i have been downed many times because of this annoying issue.2nd something has to be done about host migration its plain ridiculous you cant have a decent game, w/o my ps3 freezing everytime the host leaves. the games restarts fine but then 5mins later freezes. which bring me to another issue which is really important something be done about it, many ppl at the beginning of the match leave because they could not get a shovel. there should be 4 shovels at the beginning of the game. the mystery box should give better weapons more often and should exclude the war machine that's a waste of time a money.. and i really think that the staffs should have been made without ammo just that it heats up or something but not ammo. the game is awesome the best map of zombies since tranzit. just has those problems and some opinions that i think should count.

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                        Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                        Glitches or bugs that I have found that need fixing..


                        - Sometimes, but rarely a player in mud might die permanently for some odd reason. No known reason how it reoccurs

                        - When shooting the robots head when it grapples onto you, sometimes the robot won't let go causing the player to die

                        - Sometimes the upgraded monkey bombs/drone devices do not lure zombies towards it or stop them when it is near the zombies and the zombies still attack the player

                        - Sometimes when doing the lightening staff the panels don't spark, but still need to be turned


                        Things I feel that need fixing:

                        - Make the robots a little bit easier to kill (it's rare to find a perfect game because of all the other things I will mention..)

                        - Players connections cannot withstand the game

                        - Whenever someone times out or leaves the game-that player should be the only one not to be on the high score leaderboard, everybody else should NOT be affected by it. It's frustrating getting to a high round and this happens. I want to play until everybody dies and the longest round possible, not have someone leave at round 15 and then we get to round 30+ and it doesn't count because the player left at round 15..

                        - Make the empty perk bottles easier to obtain.. it's hard enough getting all the staves upgraded, getting the golden shovel, doing the challenges, facing the step robots, the giant robots, the zombies attacking the generators etc.

                        - Make the level a bit easier please.

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                          Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                          idk if it is just hard to make a game but they seemed like they didn't try at all in Black Ops 2.
                          i think before they make another game they need to apologies to the fans for no trying in black ops 2. I feel like that in black ops 2 they didn't honestly care about the fans as much as they did in black ops 1. If i was in their foot steps i would ask the fans where they would like to see the story heading and what they would enjoy in future maps.
                               its hard enough as it is just getting a good team going not to quit. like for example you have to make sure they don't quit, help out every once and awhile instead of raping the box and wondering off and go down and than say " revive me i got the ray gun". here i'm thinking well if it's that good of a gun you wouldn't have gotten down now would you.also now can't start a lobby with just your friend to count for the leaderboards. lets face it the only reason to want to get to high rounds is because of the leaderboards..... after awhile its the same thing over and over. the only thing in the way now is not effing up and when you have to get off. also why is there no restart button...... is it really that hard to put it in there. i find it kinda dumb.

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                            Re: List of PS3 Origins Bugs and Issues

                            I have just been playing with a friend using multiple sign in on one playstation 3.  We got to round 16 and then suddenly my screen (I was the secondary sign in account) froze and the message downloading game settings appeared with the treyarch symbol endlessly cycling round....for three rounds my friend kept going, I was downed, I could be revived, I respawned at the beginning of the next round but my screen remained the same and I could do nothing.  After getting to round 19 my friend quit the game as there was no point.  We both had the ray gun and a staff each, we were just about to get the g-strike and we were on a roll, so to say I'm p****** off is an understatement.  Hope you can fix this, treyarch.

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