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    Celerity Gaming Recruiting (Xbox 360)

      Celerity Gaming

      Hey everyone! Celerity Gaming is a level 3 clan (recently started) with a website in development (yes, custom domain) and we are looking for players to participate in daily Clan Ops! Here are our basic requirements:



      1. Mature Gamer
      2. Registration on website (when launched).
      3. Participation in Clan Ops once per week minimum.
      4. Add ArcticAzazel and Savage Faith on LIVE.



      Feel free to apply here: https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/10423482



      NOTE: After website launch, Celerity Gaming will be supported by Project Ascendancy. ArcticAzazel is an employee for Project Ascendancy, as he does Reviews and Moderates their site. For more information on Project Ascendancy, please visit their website found here: http://projectascendancy.com


      If you wish to be supported by Project Ascendancy, please message ArcticAzazel on Xbox LIVE or submit a request via Project Ascendancy.