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    List of known PC Origins Bugs and Issues

      So, me and some people noticed a lot of bugs in PC version, here is the known ones:


      1) The shirtless german troop zombies, do not appear for unknown reason.


      2) Sometimes instead of Big Mech's, there is just a mess up of black textures.


      3) Generator hordes can be invisible.


      4) The Easter Egg's audio is way too low. Very hard to hear.


      5) Sometimes the first piece of staff doesnt appear when killing Panzer Soldat or either NEVER appears.


      6) Some achievements are very glitchy (I for example got "Not a Gold Digger" after a fifth attempt).


      7) Sometimes in solo it refuses to give you some weapons on the wall even if you have enough points to buy them.


      8) Rarely, zombie crusaders (the ones you can encounter in crypt, not generator hordes), well mostly one of them - appear absolutely out of NOWHERE or with crowd of german troop zombies (I also noticed that their eyes are not glowing), even when crypt is not unlocked.


      9) Even though you got the grammophone and the discs (even all of them and white ones), you weren't able to use them with any  designated table.


      10) The small digsites seem to disappear after a while and won't reappear, you also won't be able to find red digsites which give you a perk slot.


      And also some bugs that can be found in PS3 version.


      I really hope Treyarch will see it and fix these and other issues.