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    [BtcD] BlessTheCursed PS3 Clan Now Recruiting. Read post and follow instructions.

      For 3 days, maybe more, we are going to start recruiting a little extra. Instead of holding tryouts and having our list of requirements, we are going to scrap those, and let anyone in with a few lesser requirements. We are a level 22 (almost 23) ps3 clan. We are sponsored by ModJunkiez. We are a fun group of people who participate in clan challenges, league play, member only competitions between the clan members, and we are now accepting invites for GTA V on the socialclub website.



      Requirements to join our clan in these 3 days:


      Must be age 15 or older


      Apply to blessthecursed.enjin.com


      Apply to elite



      You MUST apply to both websites in order to join. Elite has had a lot of issues so I can't guarantee elite will let us accept your app, but regardless you have to apply to elite and to blessthecursed.enjin.com to be considered. If you apply to only elite, your app will be rejected. If you apply to only blessthecursed.enjin.com your app will be rejected. Go to both sites, use the same name. The only way you can get by without applying to elite, and still join the clan is if you are planning on joining us for GTA V in which case go apply to socialclub website searching BlessTheCursed in the crews section. Also make sure your name on elite doesn't show up as unknown. I will not accept applications from unknown names. Thanks for reading and hope to have you join our team real soon!