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    Join EchoingWinds clan for PS3 on Black Ops 2

      EchoingWinds is now open for new recruits!

      There are some rules before joining:

      1 You must be 13 or older (I am 15 myself)

      2 NO TRICKSHOTTERS. Just no. I hate them and they try way to hard in the game.

      -Quickscopers and hardscopers are accepted into my clan. My motto for snipers: "Many can trickshot, many can quickscope, few can snipe."

      3 Must have a headset (Atleast Turtle Beaches or a good quality mic) So we can all communicate with out having to type messages.

      4 Trolling is aloud. Just not to our clan memebers!!

      5 K/D does not matter to me. anyone is welcome.

      6 No hackers. anyone caught hacking in my clan will be automatically kicked.

      Ok that should be all the rules to be able to join. This clan is not restricted to any kind of weapon, so feel free to use any weapon your good with. This is an ELITE clan, so you must sign up through ELITE to join it.


      Our clan Motto: Swift and deadly here we come, are you ready? Lets have some fun!


      Are you ready Soldier? Gear up!