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    (PS3) BO2 Recruiting For Competitive Clan



           Hey guys , i'm starting a new clan called Infinite (inF) and we are going to be a competitive 4v4 team.

      I am looking for 3 skilled players that can join my roster. We will be doing GBs against other teams/clans in the future. We are a friendly clan and just want to play the game and have fun with it.



      1: Must have a headset.

      2: Age does not matter , as long as you're friendly to others , we don't want trouble and just want to play the game.

      3: No hackers or boosters , and your level in BO2 does not matter.

      4: Mostly , have fun!



      If you are looking to join the clan , reply to this post down below and fill out this small forum.


      PSN ID:

      K/D & SPM.

      How active do you play:

      Will you be willing to make a new PSN account that has inF (Infinite) in it?




      Another way for you to join the clan is message me on PSN (My PSN ID is at the top of this post.) And fill out the forum that way. I will reply as soon as I possibly can. (:


      Thank you guys for reading this post. Have a good day (: