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      If there will be leaning and hurtle jumping what controls are they cause all the buttons are already in use?

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          Re: Gameplay

          While on the topic of controls, does anyone else have that melee issue?  Basically your moving and getting ready to fire when all the sudden you swipe at the guy who is fifty yards away from you instead of shooting.  I hate that. 

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            Re: Gameplay

            there are no buttons to lean, it happens automatically when you are up against a wall and want to look around a corner


            to hurdle you just jump over an object while running and it will perform a hurdle

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              ok so..


              leaning... is a really simple and cleverly done. When you want to lean around a corner you just ADS in and as soon as your crosshair hits the edge of the wall your character leans out.


              Hurdling and mantling both are just normal climb/jump buttons depending on console.

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