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    Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

      (Inspired from another post from G... not wishing to hijack it: Batman camps and no one ******* about him...well only sometimes.


      All I can say about the "Camper vs Rusher debate" is... well nothing. I will always refer to the best logic I have ever seen posted on these forums.


      And I paraphrase and summarize: The Counter Playstyle


      "I oppose the enemy: If they are rushing, I slow down. If they are camping, I rush, tactfully. If they are throwing tactical equipment, I wear tac mask.  If they are throwing grenades, I wear flak...  One needs to adapt to whatever the enemy is doing an oppose it, and that is how to beat them"

      - Izjar11/Ego


      There is no skill in camping, true. But there is no skill in rushing either. The skill is to be able to beat your opponent by out maneuvering them by using their weaknesses against them.  This can be done rushing, patrolling, camping, defending...doing whatever makes sense at the right time. What I call, the right play.


      Everyone will have their preferred play style. However, expecting that others play by that play style is counterproductive.  Try opposing them and beat them at their own game.


      Have a wonderful day everyone, and happy gaming!

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          1. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

          This is what I try to do in every match that I'm not forcing myself to use a particular loadout to complete a challenge.  Honestly, I like being able to change up my playstyle to fit the circumstance.  It helps to keep the game fresh.  I'll be curious to see what playstyle changes people make in the next title as the maps there seem to be more complex.  I'd imagine that it's going to play well to my adaptive style and likely be a real torture test for those that are stuck in the extremes.

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            2. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

            I like this post and what you are say is very much correct must people on call of duty will always try to play as the guy the counters every attack from the other team, I myself use this tactic for example if I notice that too many players are rushing me I stop rush and start to slow down my play style(sometimes I may have to sit in a comer just in case) but all in all you use do what ever it takes to win or get those streaks.  

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              3. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

              I' think you'll find the least skilled players at the extreme ends of the camping/rushing spectrum.  Some people in these forums don't like KD as a stat or don't think it's indicative of skill.  But, in TDM at least, it is very, very telling of how good a player is over the entire course of their TDM gameplay. 


              When I see someone with a 1.6KD/160SPM, I'll go look for the guy.  If I can find him early in the match, he is almost always an easy kill because you know he'll just run and hide in the same spots every time. 


              Against the 0.9/320SPM rusher, OTHO, I'll just patrol my spawn and wait for them to come to me.  I love going up against rushers in Rush.  I'll just patrol and stay close to the area with the large wooden wire coil and pick them off as they exit the bubble room, or down the ramp on the opposite end. 


              Rush and flank the camper; camp and pick off the rusher.


              One thing though, if the other team is full of the 1.0KD/300SPM rushers, then it is a bit more difficult because you just can't get all of 'em rushing you every which way, no matter how good you are.  In this case, either you have to switch to the worm setup (which I just won't do for reasons discussed countless times elsewhere), or start traversing the map a bit more and get kills from gun fights. 

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                4. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                How is there no skill in rushing?

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                  5. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                  you missed the point (no offense).


                  One can run around in circles rushing and getting shot up all day. Where is the skill in that?

                  One can sit ADSed out a window and constantly getting flanked. Where is the skill in that?


                  The skill is to be able to Rush, or Camp and NOT get shot up... the common denominator is not getting shot up (there is the skill). The skill is not in the Rush/Camp playstyle itself, but in how one uses their head while Rushing/Camping.


                  I thought I made that obvious.

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                    6. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                    Very true but a point often missed by those that are more concerned with what people call them than they are in their personal results.  No offense or inference meant to anyone in particular.  Just a common observance.

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                      7. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                      A shame someone who seems to play well, wont allow himself to be challenged (never got that PM you say you sent). I would enjoy encountering your tactics in the game!



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                        8. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                        Why is it that those who only rush:


                        complain the most?


                        feel that their play style is the correct and only way to play?


                        feel that Rushing takes the most skill?

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                          9. Re: Camping vs. Rushing? NO!  The right play...

                          Skilled rushers are able to run through and not get shot because they kill their targets before their targets kill them. Running and gunning takes skill because if you just run and try to get a kill based on your luck, you're going to die. When you rush, you're most likley going to run into campers or other rushers. If you have skill, you can take out both the rushers and take out the campers. Rushers can easily overpower campers with enough skill and campers can to rushers because rushers always have the advantage over it.

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