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    Defend quickscoping

      Well since i have seen probably 50 posts with people complaining about quickscoping, then i thought i would make one defending it.


      1. Maybe its your fault that you got killed, NOT the quickscoper. Quickscopers are not God like people who are unbeatable, its just that you got out played. I honestly cant stand it when people blame the other person for  THEM getting killed. Maybe its YOUR fault you got killed and NOT theres.


      2. There are ways to take out quickscopers. You could dropshot, jumpshot, or simply go around them instead of running into them head on.


      3. Quickscoping has been a part of CoD since CoD 4 and it has not yet been taken out. Its one of the things that makes CoD famous so i dont see them completely removing it any time soon.


      4. CoD is NOT a realistic shooter. If you want realism then go play battlefield because CoD is the game in which snipers run around and SMG users camp in corners.


      5. To all people who say quickscopers ruin the game, thats YOUR opinion. If you think CoD is ruined by quickscopers then go play a different game. I personally think that quickscoping is far from the worst thing in CoD. What about the crazy lag? Or maybe boosters, hackers, trollers, and those dreaded LMG campers?

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          Re: Defend quickscoping

          Let me address point one. You're saying getting killed by a QSer is our own fault. To be placed at fault, you have to have truly been able to do something about it. I've been wall banged by a quickscopers who was using a traditional scope. I've been QSed a second after spawning, I've been QSed before I had time to react because the guy had literally just appeared and came around the corner mid draw. I have gotten several shots on target and then gotten quickscoped; how is that my fault? There is a lot of deaths by QS that none of us could do anything about, making it not our fault. What is irritating about QSing is that you get killed without the opportunity to fight back. If a guy outplays me, whether it be sniper rifle or shotgun or LMG, etc, then so be it; but to get killed because some guy is abusing a glitch in the aim assist system is bogus.

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              Re: Defend quickscoping

              If you get several shots on target and then you get killed then that is your fault. By several shots im assuming you mean atleast 10. All you have to do it manage to hit 3-4 of those shots and then you kill him. I think people are mad at quickscopers because of the lag. If hit detection was perfect then i bet NO ONE would still be complaining about quickscopers. I have used AR's several times and i do notice that even if the person is standing still and you hit every shot, it still takes around 7 bullets to kill them, which is lag and crappy hit detection. Im sure once ghost comes out and there is dedicated servers then quickscopers wont be a problem anymore. However quickscopers ALSO suffer from crappy hit detection. There are several times in which i would hardscope someone around there head and somehow i would get a hitmarker. Other times i would hardscope them and i wouldnt even get a hitmarker even though my crosshairs were RIGHT on them! Bullcrap they make millions everytime they release a game, they should have had dedicated servers back in MW2.

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