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        20. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        You need to take in the fact that people spray and pray that they killed you, sometimes I simply do a random quickscope and I unexpectedly get a kill, Is that cheating? No, it's called chances mate, the guy may have just thought to randomly shoot and you were unlucky enough to be there when he shot so don't blame him, blame yourself, don't run round corners like a looney thinking you can rush people cus it don't work.


        You must take into account that people would have gained a lot of experience over the maps and know all the tricks that people pull, you need to understand that there are better players than you out there. It's not cheating it's a risk taken.



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          21. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          its either anticipation or lagg.

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            22. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            I agree fully with Run N Gunning Camper, your just not accepting the fact that people are better than you and rant about it. Your not making it easier for yourself because people are gonna think your a crybaby, seriously mate get a grip. If somebody supposedly looks to be cheating then think about it and think about the ways that you can kill somebody. He may just be a risk taker who sprayed the wall or he heard your footsteps, that's one tactic there for ya. He might have heard you move so he shot you. Re spawn and go after him, don't accuse him of cheating cus he obviously ain't.

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              23. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              I've got around 30k kills in this game with a 1.39 K/D ratio and have NEVER seen ANYONE get anything close to 50 kills in a TDM game.  Usually anything over 20 is a good game and over 30 is pretty rare.  I don't know what you guys are playing, but we're having very different experiences.

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                24. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                I play Ground war quite offen, or something like that anyway. It is a great game mode since you get a fair amount of XP from it even if you lose. He was going on about how everybody cheats at the game, which I beg to differ.

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                  25. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                  Footsteps, properly EQ'd audio and a good headset maybe? Or, as I said earlier, aim assist 'grabbed' their reticle onto you when you were on the other side of the wall, thus giving away your position.


                  Also, 50 kills is not uncommon on KC. I'm not the worlds best player by any means and I've managed to be in the 50-70 kill range on more than a few occasions.

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                    26. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    He plays Kill Confirmed, not TDM. If the match is one-sided, its not uncommon to see someone hit the 50+ kills mark.

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                      27. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                      My all-time TDM high is 54 kills in BO2. Just today I had a 40 kill game in Turbine. It's a matter of outsmarting your enemies and clever map maneuvering. Yes, it's rare but it's not that rare.

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                        28. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        You have to understand that the people who are responding here may very well be the cream of the crop. After all, one who truly is a cheater is not going to risk being exposed, and when exposed, truly exposed as a lying hypocrite, by refuting your assertions in this forum and then going online and cheating, hacking, and boosting it up. On the other hand, you also have to consider how condescending a lot of these answers are--how dare you question the very questionable veracity of a 50-1 KDR in a game where cheating is so utterly rampant? With over 25 million games in circulation, even if only 1% of the players cheat, that's a whopping quarter of a million people. And since cheaters are likely to play more than an average amount of time--as their results are so much more positive and, to their way of thinking, "fun"--than the merely casual player, the odds of getting at least one cheater in a 12-player lobby are substantial. But again, maybe you just stink, as these respondents claim (and, by implication, you should just stop playing, because unless you too can go 50-1, you don't belong in the rarefied atmosphere of overgrown children who have amassed their skills by basically wasting their time/doing absolutely nothing actually productive with their lives. Of course, they also fail to recognize that if you are going 50-1, they no longer are, since someone has to die 50 times for you to achieve such a score).


                        Since September I'm assuming you've logged a decent number of hours playing, but here are some clues that you may want to consider. If you watch the killcam and your opponent gets a headshot on one of your teammates and then his gun instantaneously (i.e., no transitional movement between players) locks onto your own head and he kills you, that is an aimbot. If you are running Assassin and Silencer, and your opponent waltzes around a corner--where you know there is no other line of site from another place on the map including a rooftop--and kills you without surveying his surroundings, that's a wallhack. When the score is 0-0 in a game and you die under an Advanced UAV, that's boosting. Those are just examples, there are many more instances of cheating going on.


                        Also, if your problems seem to multiply on the weekends, you are not imagining things. The people who responded to you on this board have responded like adults and probably are to some degree or another. The animals you are likely worried about are the teenagers who are actually too young to be playing this game but whose parents can not be bothered to supervise their gaming habits. I've reported over 400 people for cheating and most of them have come on weekends and holidays, when no one has any homework.


                        Oddly enough, when you empty a full clip into someone's back and they don't die, that's usually a lag issue and not a God mode hack (which would be very difficult to hide). You can hardly blame the other player for that, although I'm sure plenty of players out there are manipulating their connection latency as well. All in all, I'm totally with you. This game has had the crap hacked out of it. I know, I've looked. I've tried to download both wallhacks and aimbots, with no success. But I got in late and there's also no way I'm going to authorize any software downloads or take any surveys where I enter personal information to people whom I already know are, by definition, cheaters. But for some people humiliation is the goal, not a fun time, and they'll do anything, including take a chance on ruining their parents' computer, to get an edge. They're also not making six figure salaries or getting laid, so this is what they have. You can always hope that Karma, as well as a steady diet of Doritos and Coca-Cola, will cause them the carpal tunnel syndrome, diabetes, and heart disease that they deserve.

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                          29. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          I'm not the cream of the crop by any means, yet with the right scorestreak setup, a good dose of luck and a bad enough lobby its really not difficult to hit 50+. I hit a 50+ game on Drone running UAV/AGR/Stealth Chopper. The enemy team was too dumb to take out any of the scorestreak rewards. I've had monster Swarm games where no-one put on Blind Eye, games where the UAV/VSAT/Escort Drone cycled itself violently, games where I was up in a Lodestar and the enemy team ran around outside without cold blooded. Its really not outlandish at all to get a 50 kill game in KC on BO2, not at all.


                          I must also add that your post comes off as, well, rather salty. Just because someone can put up a 50 KDR game every now and again makes them a no-life? Ok mate

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