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        40. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        Hacks seemed a lot more common on PS3 than on Xbox, I've gotta say. Note, I say SEEMED not WERE. I just saw a lot more outrage about it on the PS3 forums, whereas pretty much any time someone called HAX on the Xbox subforum, it got conclusively debunked.


        But tbh I'm going to be honest and say that the worst I have seen from MW2 to present day has been a rapid fire controller. Thats HOW many years without sharing a lobby with someone hacking? I'd hardly call that a 'problem'. With regards to Xbox anyhoo.

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          41. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          Well there ain't anything that anybody can do about that, activision and the other companies, Treyarch etc, have said it is not classed as cheating if somebody was to use a modded controller and so therefore would not even ban those players if caught. Modders will have to be ignored as it is the only thing that's possible, either leave the game or just grit your teeth.

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            42. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            oops.  You can use a third party controller as long as it does not give a non-mechanical advantage.  I.E A Scuf, with multiple buttons and a different layout is made to let you mash buttons faster, not made so mashing a button makes a game action happen faster/automatically.  SInce the Scuf has no game overriding functions, it is fine, as are countless other third party controllers.  Only when the controller gives a programmed advantage (auto aim, auto drop shot, rapid fire in excess of the games set rpm for that gun, ignore clip round limit etc etc are they considered "modded"  


            Unsupported Peripheral Devices & Applications

            Any user who utilizes an unsupported external hardware device or application to interact with the game is subject to penalty. Unsupported peripheral devices and applications include but are not limited to modded controllers, IP flooders and lag switches.


            Minor offense: User will be temporarily banned from playing the game online, will have  their stats & emblems reset and will have their leaderboard entries deleted.

            Extreme or repeat offenses: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats & emblems reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.

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              43. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              From what I've read, the day one hacks on Ghosts were all PS3 not Activision related.  A simple USB file that changes what the PS3 does with the code from Activision is apparently the underlying cause.

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                44. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                Someones clearly not read the ToS. Theres a difference between 'Modded' and 'Rapid Fire' my friend. The latter would fall under unsupported peripheral and would deffo lead to a ban. So no, I wont ignore them.


                However, one single solitary RF controller from MW2 to present day is a pretty significant lack of cheating. Point stands.

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                  45. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                  *shrug* I saw my first under-map glitcher on freight last night. Its crazy that people think they can do stuff like that with no comeback.

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                    46. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    Sorry but in my experience on the PS3, all the hacks started on the XBOX and then it got ported for the PS3. There were hacks on XBOX that didn't make it to the PS3 before they were patched. The glowing white aura infection on XBOX didn't make it to the PS3 before it was patched, AFAIK.

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                      47. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                      Well, I apologize if my post came off as "salty". I was going for insulting...or possibly even offensive. I postulated in my post that if only 1% of 25M players are hacking, that's a quarter of a million people. Certainly the actual percentage is upwards of 20% (and therefore, using simple arithmetic, at least Five Million People) and getting worse. Just this morning, forgetting it was a holiday for the kiddies as well, I made the mistake of signing on to MW3 and finding myself instantly in a lobby with 3 wallhackers, in a party. Players who can go 40-1 against non-cheaters are good enough to go 40-20 against cheaters, and so perhaps will not notice that the cheating is utterly rampant. But average, or worse, players such as myself (and possibly the OP) will definitely notice. A decent game for me is something like 15-10. When I'm up against cheaters, it plummets to something like 6-9, or worse. Cheating is so rampant (and we both may wonder what strain of masochism causes this) that I no longer have any fun playing; you might say I am bemused, rather than amused. In a particularly bad game, most of my deaths in such a game are the result of the last guy that cheated against me finding me standing straight up and unprepared--because I'm reporting him for his last cheat. I've reported players more than a dozen times each in a single game, and I will continue to do so until the last server has closed down. I often stay in a dismal farce just to report the ******** through the final killcam, and then again several times each in the next lobby. In fact, here's my announcement to the "community": the next time you kill a guy who isn't moving, check to see if it's me. If so--I'm probably reporting you.

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                        48. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        There isn't even close to 25 million people playing CoD. I've played a HELL of a lot of CoD from MW2 to present day, I haven't come across one bona fide hacker. Granted, when going back to former titles I half expect it. On a current title though? Nope. The under-map glitcher I saw on freight the other night is the worst offender I've seen thus far and thats not even a 'hack'.


                        Note, I dont dispute their existance, on CoDs past or present, I just dispute the proliferation which you claim. I feel pretty confident in saying that you are mistaking lag for cheating.

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                          49. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          You are an idiot...I went 103 and 2 on a domination match one time...black ops 2 is not hard to play...50 and 3 is an average score...I can't stand people like you. Get better because black ops is one of the easiest cods to play...Video games are not that hard...especially cod...there is a certain flow to each map and so much to learn...once you know exactly what to do and how to play,...you become a god.

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