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        50. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        Wikipedia (citing an IGN story) says 26.5 million copies. Granted, there are nowhere near that number playing at any one time, but that's hardly the point. The number of hackers is not confined to the number of players who have programmed their own hacks. Surely you are aware the just one programmed hack can replicate an infinite number of times. The number of hackers out there far exceeds the number of discrete hacks that have been programmed for this game.


        Look at the comment just below yours:


        "I went 103 and 2 on a domination match one time...black ops 2 is not hard to play...50 and 3 is an average score..."


        Well who did he go 103-2 against? How can 50-3 be an "average" score? If he goes 50-3 against me, for example, then BY DEFINITION I have to go 3-50! Which means that the "average" of our scores is 53 kills and 53 deaths, or ONE to ONE! No way around it, in these games there is ONE death for every ONE kill. I just (there's that masochism again) got out of a game of Kill Confirmed on MW3 Dome, where my portable radar and Assassin Pro were no match whatsoever for the guy that waltzed into the bunker, strolled around the corner where I was crouched, and shot me in the side of the head. And it's because he had a wallhack. Not because he knows the map better (which he may, but had nothing to do with this kill), or has faster reflexes (which he surely has, but I wasn't even facing his direction), or has a better class of weapons (which he also may, but is irrelevant because lag or no lag I don't even claim to have gotten a shot off). It's because he had a wallhack. So I reported him. And this happens nearly every single game I play, worse on any day when schoolchildren are on holiday. It was a wallhack that did me in, and it was reported, and sure as I'm in the bottom 25% of all players in this game, nothing will happen to this D-Bag and conversations like this will continue to rage.

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          51. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          Dont listen to him, gross exaggeration, or inability to see beyond his own nose - I quite agree 50-3 is NOT an average score for everyone. Thats a damn good game for most. I know I'm chuffed to pieces if I put up something like that


          How do you know the guy had a wallhack? Was it visibly displayed in the killcam? You do know that auto aim can sometimes 'grab' people through walls? I've benefited from that before, deffo. Also, you could have been crouched in a corner well known for having occupants, so that was the first place he'd look from walking in. Latency could then mean that on his screen he didn't fire immediately, but on yours he did. I'm sorry but I'm becoming ever more convinced that you are mistaking latency for hacking. Hacks very often make themselves VERY apparent in killcams.


          Which leads me to my next point - MW3 has theatre. I'd very much like to see a clip of this incident.


          Also, believe it or not, despite the massive interest in the online MP facet of this game, the majority buy it for the SP.

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            52. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            I don't think lag is relevant to this issue, but the manner in which he approached me. He was not sneaking around a corner, fearful that I might spot him; rather, he moved directly and purposefully to my position, turned as he passed the wall behind which I was hiding, and shot immediately. I just think that the worse a player is, the more attuned he becomes to which of his many deaths are attributable to cheating and which are not. In any event, with the confirmed thousands and thousands of hackers in this game, I really can't see why an outsider would NOT give the benefit of the doubt to someone who claims to have witnessed cheating.

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              53. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              And, BTW, I have never seen a statistic one way or the other, but with 26 million games sold and a maximum of 100k players online at any time, I am comfortable taking your word for it that the majority of people purchased this game for single player and/or special ops.

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                54. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                Because people cry HAX all the time at the drop of a hat on this game. Pardon my skepticism, but so much bullsh*t has been debunked on here before that I'm afraid I wont believe it til I see it.

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                  55. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                  Unless some kind of proof is provided then I won't believe this at all, Out of playing MW3 for most of this year I have yet to encounter a wallhack. The only kind of cheaters I've seen are aimbots. Lag can be a massive issue with killcams, the reason is it makes the killcams look very suspicous but really try looking in theatre and then you can add little proof to what your saying. BTW you never mentioned if the enemy team happened to have a UAV up, or the guy who killed you may have seen you hide there, there are plenty of explanations. I think you've reported a innocent player, also a major thing that I hate with some people, as soon as they even SUSPECT somebody cheating but their not, the report button will be clicked. The report you made won't do nothing anyway, it would take at least 2-3 thousand of them to get the guy banned, LOL.

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                    56. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    There are dozens, if not hundreds, of videos on YouTube by victims of wallhacks. There are also dozens, if not hundreds, of videos on YouTube from the hackers themselves, proudly displaying their wallhacks and showing what they are capable of in exchange for a bit of personal information and access to your most private files. You have to be willfully ignorant (in the sense that you are "ignoring" all of the readily available information out there) to have missed this. If it hasn't happened to you, lucky for you. It happens to me all the time. Assassin Pro, Silencer, Dead Silence, and my cowardly approach to the game are all useless under the circumstances.

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                      57. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                      But it's NOT debunked. The mere fact that any particular instance of reporting has been shown not to be a cheat does not mitigate all of the rest of the reports that are legitimate. There are, in fact, thousands of confirmed instances of cheating, and for every one caught there are surely some multiple of that number who have not been (and yes, some number that also happen to be great players unfairly reported). The fact that cheating happens at all is what is alarming, or should be, not the fact that some players are so good that we mere mortals can't conceive how we could have been killed beyond the effective range of the gun they were carrying, or how they can go an entire 10 minute game without ever dying or reloading.

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                        58. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        Its not debunked merely because you offered any proof one way or the other, beyond your word. To me, what you describe sounds almost certainly attributable to latency. And yes, false reports should count against you as they are childish and a total waste of the XBLPET's time.


                        I never said YOUR case was debunked, its just that many others before you have cried HAX and its simply turned out to be commone online gaming latency. Do you play HC? Try it. Latency manifests itself in that all your opponents have unnatural reaction times.

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                          59. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          No I've never played HC but I have often died as a result of latency. A while ago I filed a small claims action against my cable provider, and in settlement they gave me their highest tier of internet for their lowest intro price. As a result of my ultrafast response time, the lag compensation I experienced, or rewind time as some like to call it, made the game nearly unplayable for me before IW released its latest patch. I know what latency looks like, but I can hardly blame the players on the other team for a developer's less than optimal coding.


                          So we are at an impasse. I believe and sympathize with the OP because I've seen (believe I've seen) cheating myself, lately in nearly every game I play. You are apparently taking the position that the number of false reports so far surpasses the number of actual cheats that you will be, at best, skeptical of any claim absent undeniable proof. As one of the world's leading skeptics (I even won an award on my floor sophomore year in college), I will nevertheless have to disagree with your interpretation of the situation.

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