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        60. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        They do. By a looooooooooooooong way. Any amount of time spent on here and you'd know that. Anyone who has found a bona fide cheater has provided video evidence, whereas those who are unsure of what they saw become somewhat reluctant to cough up anything beyond their word. You have easily attainable proof to put this to bed, yet you still waver. All due respect, but you are fitting the typical 'crying wolf' profile to an absolute T. If you are half as skeptical as you say, you'd see exactly where I'm coming from on this.

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          61. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          Ok, so I'm literally going to spend my life looking on youtube for people complaining about hacks or doing hacks? am I willfully Ignorant because I don't?. And I wouldn't exactly be a person who gives his information to hackers. I clearly know that there are dozens if not hundreds or IF NOT BEYOND THIS! on youtube, its kinda common sense. And does it matter so much about wallhacks?!. Nothing will happen about them, your not the only person who reports them you know, and surprisingly enough they DON'T GET BANNED. sheesh As said its mostly to do with the large amount of latency in the game. In addition I have ran round a map without reloading and dying, its called knifing. (this is simply to say that people CAN do it without the use of hacking)

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            62. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            Unless you work for Activision, or its affiliates, or XBox, you would have no way of knowing what the numbers are. While I am certain false reports are filed, I am also certain that many people don't bother and just leave the game/lobby and move on, either not caring enough or dissuaded by the glacial pace at which bans are instituted. Personally, I usually file the report, avoid the player on his gamer card, and exit the lobby once the game ends. I don't have the time or inclination to provide additional proof for every infraction--hell, I wouldn't have time to do anything else--beyond what XBox reviewers can see for themselves in the apparently infinite additional data they collect (another reason to be concerned, BTW). My original post in this thread was to offer support and some explanation to the OP; neither of us asked you to weigh in with contradictory comments. I've seen cheating, I've been the victim of cheating, I'm sure my own teammates have cheated but I can't get the point of view necessary to report them. Again--and please read understand this point if you wish to respond, since it appears not to play any role in your thought process--there are THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of reports of cheating that have been CONFIRMED by Activision, for which BANS HAVE BEEN INSTITUTED, and DOZENS if not HUNDREDS of videos on YouTube providing compelling evidence of cheating; hardly the stuff of "crying wolf", and all of which tends to prop up, rather than tear down, the OP's essential point that "My God, it's full of cheaters".

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              63. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              Well, you've said you've never seen a wallhack. I congratulated you on your luck. Other people have seen them, and have reported them, and have provided evidence of them. If you know about the YouTube videos, then you already know how fortunate you have been. As to whether reporting cheaters has any ultimate effect, I tend to become more disappointed every day, but my taxes keep going up and my freedoms continue to be curtailed, yet I still vote for the libertarian sacrificial lamb every four years. It's better than just giving up.

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                64. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                Thousands and thousands banned over what period of time? Recently? Or over CoDs lifetime? When you consider that in CoDs lifetime its hit a playerbase count of 1,000,000 or thereabouts (I saw that figure when I played BO2 on launch day) 'thousands and thousands' remains quite minute. Hardly 'full of cheaters' which was my point.


                Also, this is a public forum, and I am quite within my rights to call someone out when I feel they have the wrong end of the stick, as I feel you do with your 'wallhack' incident, which sounds more like a case of common latency, as you made no mention of the hack manifesting itself in the killcam which is the dead giveaway when it comes to wallhacks - they are absolutely unmistakeable when you see one, the dude will have boxes around people on his screen. I'm sorry but if that was the case you would have mentioned that from the get-go, that fact you haven't and based this all on the fact that he 'seemed' to know you were there screams latency all day long. If you've reported every incident along these lines (as you also suggest you do) then your false report level is through the roof. Small wonder your reporting seems to garner no response or action. And the thing is, you aren't alone in this, I've been accused of all sorts of things under the sun. I am hardly a spectacular player, 1.10 KD. So if someone who ISN'T an amazing player draws false reports on a regular basis, what do you think happens with amazing players? What do you think happens when someone stomps purely because they had host or connection advantage? Exactly. I have never denied the existance of cheaters or hacks, I've merely pointed out that current titles are hardly 'full of hacks' and I agree that older titles become unpoliced which is a crying shame. Also, I never said everyone was was crying wolf, I said that in this instance YOU are crying wolf, in a similar fashion to many other people who play this game - being the victim of a latency-related incident, crying hax, and when told that was an unlikely scenario, you've become rather less forthcoming with what could prove your case, very defensive and insistant that I am denying the existance of cheaters.


                I've been here and gotten this T-shirt many times. As I said, you are fitting the 'crying wolf' profile more and more. Good job your reporting is ignored as its likely a massive waste of the XBLPETs time and bandwidth. You dont report someone when they 'seem' to know where you are. You report them if they are invisible, have infinite ammo, have red/blue boxes all over their view in the killcam, shoot you from under the map, are flying through the sky... THATS what constitutes a report. Sorry, but until you provide something more than anecdotal evidence of latency, you are crying wolf. Good day sir.

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                  65. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                  I'm not sure what you want from me. I saw a cheat, I reported it according to the standards of the built in cheat reporter, and then after the game I (at least I think) avoided the player. That's it. For the life of me I can't understand how you have misinterpreted my comments to suggest that I'm expecting you to do something about it, or validate my pain. I honestly couldn't care less what you think, I only care how Infinity Ward resolves this problem (and even at that, I'm not hopeful). I owe you no explanation, and certainly no proof. Of course you are "allowed" to weigh in, all I said was that neither of us asked for your opinion. With my .6 KD, no one will ever accuse me of cheating, or if they do it will be to call me the very worst cheater on earth.


                  In this instance I reported one player out of six, once, in a ten minute game of KC Dome. I would not call that excessive, although if I'm right then even one out of six players who cheats once per game is an excessive amount of cheating. I only mentioned it at all because it had just happened to me literally less than two minutes before I read the OP's post.


                  The existence of wallhacks is not even remotely as obvious as you claim, since the UNDETECTED hacks are the ones most people are using now--cheaters' in-game cameras shows the ESP enemies, but the killcam will not. That's kind of why it takes hackers to create these cheats. In a world where billion dollar companies have their databases cloned and millions of identities stolen, it is not difficult to imagine a few clever hackers defeating the detection system of an XBox. Infinity Ward's own CSR says they have banned not thousands, but "countless numbers of" cheaters, and continue to do so on a daily basis. The game is full of cheaters, and that fact is acknowledged by the game's creators. I don't know what number constitutes enough to be deemed a serious threat for you, and I don't care. As for this instance, I watched the guy on killcam walk around the corner--not crouching--directly toward my position, face me, and fire. He knew I was there. I had not moved or fired my weapon, I was running the cowardly perks, and he knew I was there. That's it. Not a mystery. Not lag. A cheater, and reported.

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                    66. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    Again, that can simply be explained away by anticipation/latency. Thats not nearly enough to go on. I've steamed into a room and insta-shot someone who was sat in the first corner I happened to check. It happens. As I said, highly skeptical incident. The guy killed you like that ONCE and you decide he had a wallhack? No, if he had a wallhack he would have been smashing you consistently all over the map. He evidently didn't do so as you would have acknowledged the fact that it happened more than once, yet you only cite one death. Anyway, I report accurately and see action taken - you dont. That alone speaks volumes.


                    Also, I'm well aware that neither of you asked for my opinion. As I am allowed (no quotation marks needed) to give it, what on earth is the point of telling me that? There isn't one. Needless statement was needless. If you dont like people disagreeing with you then public discussion forums are not for you.

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                      67. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                      Still not thinking of tactics, he may have seen you BEFORE you got into that corner so therefore knew you were there, also on public forums proof is needed in cases like yours. Unless any is provided, there is little chance of any agreement. Wallhacks are very obvious, they are killing people at a fast and large rate from anywhere across the map, simple as that.  You say that game creators have acknowledged that banning of thousands of cheaters, may there be a link to were you gleamed this info from, right now how are we supposed to know your not making stuff up from your mind, which is quite common with people on these forums. As already said, I have never encountered a cheater other than one which was on Black ops 2 (for obvious reasons) on any COD game ever since the COD franchise started, over that time I've played with many thousands of people, if there was as many cheaters as you claim, then I think I would be seeing a lot, don't you think. No luck involved.

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                        68. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        I got into the game after it started, and there were 9 or 10 other guys on my team for him to cheat with. I also don't remember his name and can't say whether he's been banned. My lack of hope is related to banning's use as a deterrent, not that any individual I've reported has not been banned, mostly because the results are not made public as they should be. I made the statement because you responded to me, rather than to the OP, and I didn't want the OP to see your myopia as a lack of support for his position.


                        Guys that are good at FPS are all of one mind: "Nah, dude, you just suck, no one's cheating, get better or go play Wheel of Fortune." Guys that are not as good are of a different mind: "There is a ton of cheating by a ton of cheaters, and we barely stand a chance as it is so we're going to report cheating aggressively and let the chips fall" (although that is WAY cleaned up from what actually goes through my mind).


                        Also, plenty of guys turn their hacks on and off throughout the game, to avoid suspicion. I remember one game of KC where my team was down something like 58-19, and then suddenly we were shooting everyone and winning every battle, final score 65-40. Still reported them.

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                          69. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          Sure, lots of guys see me go into a corner before I get there. That's why I don't report them. This one could not have, so I reported him. And yes, I was looking for that link, but couldn't remember where I found it. It was in one of the sub-stories to this thread's topic, where the OP was complaining directly to Activision and got a kind of canned response like "We're sorry your having issues, please continue to use the in game reporter....".


                          Considering the final score was something like 65-25, I would say they were killing a lot of us from across the map. But I don't report cheats against my teammates, since I don't quite have the right point of view (and it would involve the possibility that THEY may have been seen ducking somewhere and were killed by tactics, not hacks). The better you are, the less likely you are to "see" cheaters. I assume you rarely play a 3-12 game, but for me it's kind of routine.

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