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      • 70. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

        Play em quite often actually, still no cheaters or wallhacks. I've played a 1-12 game and won single handedly, against my own clan. I only died 5 times with 79 kills, no cheating involved. The guys I was against got smashed and I wasn't even camping or sitting still, just running around with dual SMG's. I don't do it as a rountine but I could if I wanted to, I could do stuff like that for as long as MW3 is played.

        • 71. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

          Sorry--3 kills to 12 deaths, not 3 players vs. 12 players.

          • 72. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

            I'm still calling vids or it didn't happen. Sorry. Been called a cheater more than enough on CoD and I am under no illusions as to my overwhelmingly average abilities. I'd never say you suck mate, I actually dont care what someones abilities are (unless they trash talk me ).


            Regardless of all this, I say we agree to disagree and not tar the forums with more inconclusive back and forth. If my skepticism is misplaced and he was indeed cheating then I hope the banhammer falls down hard. Cant stand people who cheat in MP.

            • 73. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

              Deal. Thanks for keeping it aboveboard and intelligent. Hopefully I'll make it up to average someday.

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                Well, that's going to happen for as long as COD stands, I hate cheaters too, but I cannot stand being accused of cheating simply because I'm doing better than somebody, they can report me all they want but it won't be me getting banned for life.

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                  Dont worry, theres a learning curve for everyone. I remember playing my first ever online FPS MP games on W@W round a mates house, it was an earth shattering, fist-bumping achievement when I managed to break into double-figure kills LOL. Dunno what my deaths (didn't care) were but I got 11 kills dammit!

                  • 76. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                    To be honest, it makes me laugh when someone sends me a rage-message or lets slip they filed a rage-report. Only ever seems to happen after an average score though. For some reason, when the heavens align and I have a barnstormer of a game, no-one yells at me. I remember getting 3 K9 Units on BO2 on the Summit reskin when it first came out. One guy was raging afterwards, but at his own team!

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                      I hear you, I got my first stealth for 14 kills a few days ago, and the game ended just as I was aiming it. Then I switched to Ground War and damn, there are a lot of guys to shoot at! At 14-8 (with one assist as well), I flew my stealth, got two more kills, and didn't play again for hours so as not to ruin the feeling.

                      • 78. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                        I don't think you have to worry, the Code of Conduct says a player will never be banned because he is too good at the game.

                        • 79. Re: My god, it's full of cheaters

                          A co-incidence of today was a little kid was getting real p****d off because people took one or two of his tags on KC, then he said through his mic saying "I'm gonna report anybody who steals my tags" (never really happened because everybody had taken at least one of his tags. Met him several times in different matches, I kill him once and he's left the game, sent me a message saying "stop killing me". I don't take notice of these pesty kids anymore, their parents are giving them a bad upbringing allowing them to play 18 games.

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