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    Mouse or Gamepad?

      Would you like full support on the controller on PC or would you stick with your competitive mouse and keyboard setup? , I know I would love to see the full support to controllers, its just what PC need to attract some peoples. Not saying gamepads are better, clearly it isn't but its more relaxing and for some people (clearly me) COD is for having fun and having a good time. I don't see the issue on having this controller support option if some people still have an advantage on the mouse, and its will be better cause that's what is the best on PC "Options".

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          1. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

          It's doesn't matter to me and I assume most feel the same way that the PC version include both Controller support and Keyboard/Mouse support as it is now.


          What would be interesting is to have that same support on the Consoles e.g. Xbox One.

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            2. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

            Its more option, resulting more people to play, not everyone likes K/M, so why not satisfy those who dont like it, I suppose that it isn't that hard to do.

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              3. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

              The only reason why I play FPS games on PC and not consoles is the fact that I can use KB+mice. So no. I do not want controllers.

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                4. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                Yes i think that would be a great idea, adding aim assist to the controller along with full controller support! ATLW you can you use your mouse, BUT GIVING THE PEOPLE THE OPTION TO USE CONTROLLERS ON PC! could bring more people from console to pc!


                PC gaming population has dropped unless your playing WOW or some other mmo, theres tons of benefits for this like!


                1,) Migrations from console to pc, which means (more population for pc gamers)


                2.) More devs will port games to pc


                3.)  Being able to upgrade the pc and not the console, will be a nice treat for those that move over to pc


                with the new steam interface using your xbox controller, gives the people a nice familiar console felling that everyone knows.

                steam interface also has a built in web browser that you can use with the controller.


                I myself enjoy pc games with mouse and keyboard, but would also like to pawn some with the controller! lol jp jp


                But i Agree with controllers 100% PC and GamePads UNITE!

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                  5. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                  Nobody would want to play with a Controller unless you have aim assist. If they would enable Aim Assist for Controller users, some people would find a work-around to use K/M + Aim Assist.

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                    6. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                    well other games such as crysis 2 and 3, far cry 3, lostplanet 3, max payne 3 lol lot of 3's even red faction all have aim asist on controllers if im not mistaken so does medal of honor! all these are great games with full aim assist some even have a built in aim assist slider to increase and decrease the strenght of aim assist or the pull of the aim assist. so dont worry about this game with aim assist hack youll be ok! plus youll get pawn the controller so have fun bro and wait 2 weeks 5 days we will get to play some mp!!!!!


                    check this out!


                    Call of Duty: Ghosts for PC will have full controller support, according to the Steam description page.

                    With this feature, you’ll be able to play Ghosts using your console controller on the PC.

                    Infinity Ward has pushed for greater PC support with Ghosts, and today the even said that the PC will have the best graphics out of all the platforms

                    click below to see link

                    Ghosts for PC will have full controller support - Charlie INTEL Blog: Call of Duty Ghosts – Black Ops 2 – Modern Warfare…

                    Gamepads and PCS UNITE! A NEW BREED OF PC GAMERS!

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                      7. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                      BO2 had full controller support for PC, aside from aim assist. PC being PC players would find a way to enable aim assist on their kb+mouse setups through emulation software. Once the Steam controllers release to the general public you will have full controller support without the need for aim assist. The comfort of a controller with *near* mouse precision, at least according to Valve.

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                        8. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                        VERY NICE!

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                          9. Re: Mouse or Gamepad?

                          Yep, I think their new controllers along with the Steam Machines are going to go a long way to change how people perceive PC gaming these days.

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