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    Fanboys Will Destroy the World

      I'm all for being proud of something that's important to you like a sports team, but as I get older and accumulate more bills to pay I've stopped purchasing things based on nostalgia or partiality and started to look more carefully at it's utility.


      For instance; two weeks ago I was do for a phone upgrade. I've been a notoriously adamant Android supporter. Google Play offers more free apps, I have more control over my interface, and I can easily access my phones core programming to put old NES Gameboy games on it. But I've recently Apple's 5s has since made incredibly advancements in the iPhone that's given the iPhone unsurpassed capabilities and highly refined functionality making it the obvious choice in value.


      When I showed my phone to a friend who was an adamant Android supporter like I was he immediately passed judgement on my decision. I explained to him my thought process during the purchase and clearly laid out the advantage the iPhone had in terms of performance which made it the better purchase. Still he defends his Android and talks down about my iPhone claiming it's inferiority.

      You can see this with the new generation of gaming consoles. The Playstation 4 is completely and utterly (it's not even close) far more powerful than the Xbox One. There's just no comparison, but, without fail, Microsoft has a following that swears loyalty to the Xbox to the point that they are ignorant to the consoles lack of performance. In fact, some will go so far as to say that the Xbox is an equally powerful console which isn't true.

      Why is this important to Call of Duty?

      I feel that CoD has generated a similar fanboy issue. Call of Duty is a fun game, but it's not without problems. I speak outside of the technical issues of lag. The players who play Call of Duty are addicted to the idea that their playstyle is superior, their favorite gun is perfect and not unbalanced, their concept of how Call of Duty should be is without flaw. They have these ideas not based on any factual evidence but simply from personal appetite.


      Where this game's problem shows the most is that it's through these ideals that the game is being changed. There is no superior way to play the game. Guns in the game are fictionalized versions and therefore carry an amount of inaccuracies which, over a period of time, can be revealed as being problematic and needed modified. Call of Duty is played by a community and that community is free to play the game however they see fit.


      These ideals should not be taken seriously to the extent that they are used for the conceptualization of the game. It doesn't matter what your ideas are. If you're a camper or a rushers, it doesn't matter because it's your playstyle, not mine, not your friend's, but yours. Instead we should should look objectively at the game and it's ability to be as universally acceptable as possible much like I objectively looked at my iPhone purchase. Instead of basing my decision off of nostalgia partiality I based my decision of possibility and functionality.

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          Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

          The PS4 has slightly more advanced RAM than the Xbone. Other than that, there isn't really much difference.


          CoD has always had this clicquey 'this playstyle/gun/whatever is superior, I dont like that so NO-ONE should use it' stuff going on. Its nothing new, not even close. Good luck shifting peoples attitudes mate.

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            Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

            I think just for the fun of it I'll run a counter point to your topic.  I always enjoy seeing your counters to my counters.  Ostensibly there's nothing particularly wrong with your post as it applies to how one should evaluate things for themselves.  I've never been a brand name kind of guy simply because I prefer paying for quality over logos.  That's not to say that I don't buy some brand names but I buy them based on value rather than just to say that I own a fill_in_the_blank.  So I live my life very much in line with what you are suggesting.  But just to play devils advocate for a moment, I'd say that Fanboys do offer one valuable service which albeit misguided does contribute to the betterment of society.  What they offer is competition.  While you and I as consumers can rationalize if manufacturer A or B is the better supplier, the fanboy helps to keep both A and B in the game.  And that basically keeps both of them working hard to shift the views of those of us that are more discerning over to their particular carrot.  Thus creating a healthy competition between both suppliers to continually out do each other.  Without the Fanboy, new companies looking to compete with larger more established companies would have a harder time staying in the market long enough to get a foothold.  Granted I attribute this scenario more so to the anti-Fanboy for the established company.  Anti-Fanboy being the guy that finds it cool to rail against the establishment and is just looking for anybody else that they can point to and say that company B is just so much better.

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              Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

              ghamorra wrote:


              If you're a camper or a rushers, it doesn't matter because it's your playstyle, not mine, not your friend's, but yours

              good sentence.

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                Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

                being delusional is human nature as well.



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                  Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

                  There is nothing wrong with liking something that is not the best thing out there.


                  There is a problem when people adopt a "This is the best thing no matter what" attitude, about anything.


                  I grew up listening to, and loving AC/DC ('76 to '83). But claiming that Angus Young is the "best guitarist in the world", is outright stupid.  Some people confuse the following terms:


                  "Best and Favo(u)rite"


                  (...and I love my iPhone5)

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                    Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

                    Wise choice of smartphone, G. That 5S, if taken care of, will hold more value than the Galaxy Note III over time.

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                      Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

                      Everybody must understand that no two people are the same. And someone's happiness is not someone's else s. There are so many types of happiness as there are so many people. Someones happiness is made to his measure. Now there is one game, say COD, but there are so many types of gameplay as there are players. Someone likes to camp someone else likes to rush. No playstyle is wrong or right. As long as the player likes what he or she is doing and enjoys it then its nobody else s business.

                      The same applies to all aspects of life. The sooner we realize and accept this then the sooner we will be happier. If we don't like the lobby we are in then we have the choice to leave. If we don't like the playstyle of other people its not for us to say.

                      Made the decisions in life that will make you happy and let other people do theirs and also be happy.

                      Happiness is what someone wants it to be.

                      Just play and let other people play.

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                        Re: Fanboys Will Destroy the World

                        Moved to offtopic since this is about future consoles and COD as a whole (not specific to BO2 necessarily).



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