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    Origins Help !!!

      Allright killers, I need some help. Origins is proven to be a real Challenge for me. I dont know, maybe I'm losing my touch, but this map is getting the better of me. So I need some advice.

      Where's the best train spot ?

      What's a good strategy for activating the generators ?

      Can the buildables be built on any table ?

      Are the Staffs and the Thunder Punch really worth my time ?

      I just heard of the golden shovel..how can I get it ?

      Don't let me down fellas.. I know ya'll always come thru for me !!

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          Re: Origins Help !!!

          TRaining is just about anywhere. Think zigzags and cut backs. Don't kill Templar Zs, just run in a circle around gen, take your time. IF you want high rounds then yes staves and jet li gloves are good upgraded. (Basically have to do the EE, then you will have the best training spot in zombie history. ) golden shovel, dig dig dig.... Then you can get more perks and a gold helmet if that's you're fancy.

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            Re: Origins Help !!!

            - Any generator is a great place to train

            - Run in circle around the generator without killing the Templars, and hopefully do all generator on early round (before 10)

            - There is only Maxis Drone and Zombie Shield as buildable, and yes any table. The staff are build differently so i won't consider em into this

            - Staff, Thunder Punch, and the New Monkey Bomb (not sure the real name lol) are all worth it. Specially if you upgrade the staff, they are really awesome even at high rounds.

            - You get the golden shovel when you dig enough piles (not sure how many). Once you get the golden shovel, get a zombie blood and try digging a pile, you might discover another golden thing


            Hope this helped

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              Re: Origins Help !!!

              Activate generators with zombie blood if you have difficulty with this task in higher rounds, or simply run around the generator, you dont have to kill them.

              If you only looking for a quick game to round 30-40, dont pick up any parts for the staffs except disks. Pointwhore till about 10-12 and get 2 PaP'd weapons, i would recommend starting pistol and STG in fact at the end of round 7 get STG and stamina up to deal with soldats. When ready and set up to kill, go to crazy place and train in the middle or run around side walls, this is a 1hr30 minit strategy till round 30.

              If you looking for 40+ game then im afraid doing the EE is probably most effective way i know at the moment.

              Have fun.

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                  Re: Origins Help !!!

                  THat strat can get you to 50 in about 3.5-4 hrs.

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                      Re: Origins Help !!!

                      You taking about crazy place without staffs? I have not done a solo run just yet on this map but a full party game took just under 2hrs to 30. I thought you would need the staffs to go past 40's but i have yet to find out, just thinking that wall guns will take too long thats all.

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                      Re: Origins Help !!!

                      Thanx.. I always killed the Templars, thinking the more I kill the faster the Gens would fill up.

                      The box has not been kind to me. I usually stick to wall weapons. MP40 has easily become my fav. on this map.

                      also I notice yesterday around round 11 that some Templars just randomly spawned at a Gen and started to destroy it.

                      I noticed a blue light and followed it and thats what happened. Sorry, I've been playing everyday just hadn't had time to research it. Also one more thing, has anyone ever really found out exactly how many Z souls are need at each box.

                      Getting the T.Punch I mean. Seems like I'm there all day killing Z's.

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                          Re: Origins Help !!!

                          I'm not sure how many zombies soul, but sometimes i feel the chest near generator 5 (or 6 not sure lmao) is easier to fill than others, maybe it's just my mind playin' tricks on me lol I'd say 60-100 zombies depending on the chests

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                            Re: Origins Help !!!

                            Ohh about 2 trains 50-60 z's to fill em up but watch out for the robot because if he stands on it you hvae to start again.

                            Ditch MP40 for STG you wont regret it, there is wall ammo in crazy place for it also.

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