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    Looking to join a Xbox clan

      II'm 16 I have a mic looking for a clan who is friendly and active. Also I need a clan who understands that I cant be on all the time due to homework/grades. I'm master prestige with a .9 kd. You can hit me up on twitter at @d4rknight209 and that is also my gt thanks.

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          Re: Looking to join a Xbox clan

          Hey there! I have a new Clan called TMARG (Twisted, Mediocre and Recreational Gamers) we are active and friendly We don't expect our members to be on constantly, we just ask that members have fun and help the clan every once in a while if they can. K/D doesn't matter to us and we aren't strictly for COD. If you're interested at all you can check out our clan site at




          Or message me on XBL at giantninjapony


          Thanks and I hope you consider us Oh and I am the sausage king of the banana empire

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            Re: Looking to join a Xbox clan

            Blitzkrieg sounds like the perfect clan for you. Blitzkrieg (BZK) is an active and highly skilled gaming clan exclusively on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One systems. We specialize in the Call of Duty, Battlefield and Grand Theft Auto franchises. We are an experienced and highly organized clan and accept members of all different sorts. Our goal is to provide both competitive and casual gamers with the experience and enjoyment they desire. I would really like to discuss a membership possibility with you. If you are interested, please visit http://www.bzkclan.com/ or Email us at



            Thank you for your consideration.

            Blitzkrieg Gaming Clan

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