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    Gun DLC?

      How is infinity ward going to incorporate new guns into the cod ghosts multiplayer if any?

      Infinity Ward has a Terrible history with gun balance( I.E. ACR, MP7, Striker MW3) so if they add new guns into the game will they be balance or will they be another laser gun as we have seen in the past. If IW does decide to add guns into the multiplayer post launcher and they arent laser how would you like to see them do it, i think there is only 2 ways they can

      #1 They can have the gun dlc separate from the season pass dlc packs(Similar to the camo packs in Blops 2) and have people pay extra to get the new guns

      #2 Or they will have the gun dlc included in the main stream dlc packs included in the season pass, this seems the most likely but after the disaster that was MW3 i dont know what to expect form Infinity Ward

      what do you guys thing leave a comment down below

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          Hopefully they wont.

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            they will program them in just like any other cod game.


            lol are you lot stupid, the guns will be called something different and look different maybe but the same old values and numbers will be used to difference them from each other, they are not going to write a whole new way of defining the weapons from each other, it will be the same old same old way of doing things just different skins. get a grip.

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                umm i think you lot stupid and did you even read the post i said that the new guns that they will make will most likely be unbalance cause iw doesn't do gun balance good

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                I would like to see if the would add in new dlc guns bc sometimes the map packs a little disappointing

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                  yea a gun dlc would be alright i guess ,id like to see weapons from MW bought back , maybe SCAR L ,thou it should be included with map packs

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                      The SCAR?? Personally, if they do have gun DLC, I want a new weapon based on today's weapons. This recycling of guns from previous CoD's is getting old. There are TONS of concept and production guns out there already that they can skin up. Example, the M416 assault rifle.

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                      I hope they dont add DLC weapons,


                      I cant understand why people are suddenly so obsessed with having them (not pointing any fingers at anyone in particular)


                      We've never had them before BO2 and no one battered an eyelid.


                      Just add all the guns you want in the game in the launch day release. Its never been an issue before.

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                        You're a ******* idiot. " The guns in Infinity Ward games are unbalanced " Remember Black Ops 2? Target finder and LMGs or basically on any gun? You don't even have to aint at the person, just around the the diamond to kill them. Remember M1216? That gun is not fully-auto in real life. Infinity Ward of all DEVs, take the characteristics of the firearms in real life and incorporate them into the game. Treyarch n00b. Go back to your n00b friendly, slow paced game.

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                            Yea, the target finder was over-powered; but you know what was also over-powered?  The striker in MW3, the ACR in MW3, sniper rifles in MW2 (except dragunov), the RPD in MW2, and the SCAR-L in MW2.  Granted, the M16 in BO1 was completely over-powered along with the AK74u (though it wasn't that bad).


                            Black Ops 2 is not the Treyarch game to pick on for imbalanced weaponry.  The guns in the game certainly did not function like real-life weaponry because they did not kill you in 1-2 hits, unless you were in hardcore mode (which you're free to play if you want firearms which are closer to real-life standards).  However, Black Ops 2 had the most balanced assortment of weaponry in a CoD entry TO DATE.  Anyone could defeat anyone with ANY gun--with the right attachment (and, no.  The target finder is not what I'm talking about).  Most of the famously OP guns in COD come from Infinity Ward titles: guns with little recoil, incredible mobility, and high damage that "almost" completely compensate for user_skill = (0). 


                            THAT BEING SAID, ghosts is fairly balanced from the start, which is nice.


                            Gun DLC for BO2 was innovative, and I would venture to say a lot of people like to have a new weapon or two to work on and it extends the replay value of the game, which is already astronomically high.


                            Long post is long.  Have a nice day.

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                              All of the assault rifles except the MSBS are 2 to 3 shot kill with no recoil and fast fire rate Infinity Ward pulled a Treyarch only they did it with the assault rifles only way worse compared to these assault rifles the pre-patched smgs are like airsoft guns compare to these assault rifles. They are so strong that even the ACR couldn't compare to them.