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    RGM2 clan recruiting

      Our clan RGM2 is a co-operative and proffessional zombie slaying clan whilst also proffessional at multiplayer.

      To apply, leave a reply to this post or head onto the xbox elite app and search for RGM2.



      1st: xX Sh4doWkillZ (in other words me)

      2nd: TSK H3llF1REZz


      Whenever I'am offline TSK H3llF1REZz is in sole leadership of the clan, he cannot however accept applications!

      Our clan level is 11 with gold clan tag, you do not have to be at any KD ratio limit to join, HOWEVER you  MUST be higher than 2 bones on zombies at least or your application won't be accepted, UNLESS you come up with a good reason, e.g corrupted rank, don't lie because I can easily and simply find out if your rank is or isn't corrupted. You may send a friend request either on this forum or on xbox live, no PS3. OR PC (just updated this on)


      We complete any easter egg on Black ops 2 so if you are part of the clan then you can simply send me a quick message and I'll easily have you get it.

      Challenges on Elite are put up sometimes, take glances at the daily message if I have put one up anyway. We usually take part in Zombies challenges, This is one rule for when we are doing these, ABSOLUTELY NO GLITCHING. Once the challenge has ended then you can glitch your pants off and I would not care because I like to glitch myself sometimes.

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          Re: RGM2 clan recruiting



          i play black ops 2 for pc an i want to ask you. can you invite me into your clan or say me how to create a clan for pc!

          my name on steam is BoxxBozz

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              Re: RGM2 clan recruiting

              I unfortunatly don't use PC black ops 2, i'm only on xbox. But you should be able to create a clan on this site, well that's what i heard but i dunno for sure. I may actually be able to still invite u. I'm kinda crap with this site cus i hardly know whre anything is but I'll look into it. I'll post another reply if i can. Sos for not mentioning in the description, my bad.

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