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    My League Career Wins Reset?

      Hi, I play black ops 2 regularly and I play League Play, as I just realised, my career wins have reset but it still shows my league best as master but no career wins. If you go into My Player card --> View League Teams--> Solo. It shows my previous rankings in league. I'm just wondering why i don't have it shown. I have been placed into iron to start with because I've been reset and I've never reset stats (fresh start) so please help me resolve this. Thanks.


      P.S GT DarksidedShadow.

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          Hi Jasonsio,


          We appreciate you taking the time to post.  The issue is a bit unclear.  You stated the ranking appears under Player card>View League Teams>Solo but did not indicate what area you are viewing where the ranking does not appear.  Please provide us with more details on this. 


          Thanks ^AH

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              Thanks for the reply, it is correct that i stated that I can see my stats through Player card>View League Teams>Solo> and then season finals it shows my previous season rankings, but if I scroll across my name twice it only shows my career wins as 6 but I should have around 244 wins. It is proven that I have more than 6 total career wins though Player card>View League Teams>Solo> Then season finals. Thanks.

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              Photo3.JPGPhoto2.JPGPhoto1.JPGHi, Thanks for helping, Here is what i am seeing. As you can see it shown i have been previous master In the past 3 seasons and 2 gold seasons. and with the career wins it only shows as 6 wins when i have clearly had more than that. Thanks. Jason.

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                  So after further review, it does appear that there is some corruption within your account. I have passed this along to be further reviewed by our teams.


                  Should you see any other changes made to your account, then please do not hesitate to update us!



                  ATVI Support