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    flak jacket is op

      flak jacket makes the following explosives require 2x

      c4 2x

      claymore 2x

      frag grenade 2x

      crossbow 2x (even if the target is hit with one he/she will not die)

      rpg 2x

      smaw 2x

      bouncing betty 2x

      rcxd 2x(if somehow you had two of them attack the same target) There is also more killstreaks it survives against but its obvious how strong flak jacket is once you read to this point.


      This is not balanced at all. This destroys the point of explosives and I think flak jacket should provide damage resistance against only a select few, not the entire arsenal. Because all that remains is combat axe resistance...

      But I would like to see what the community believes it should keep you alive against.

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