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    Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

      http://www.charlieintel.com/2013/10/03/ghosts-on-pc-no-fov-slider-at-the-moment- looking-into-mod-tools-greater-post-launch-support/


      So yet another IW title that lacks this basic PC feature? I don't know about you fellow PC gamers but the more I hear from Mark Rubin regarding the PC version, the more turned off I am. An FOV slider is absolutely a necessary and simple feature to implemented for FPS games on PC. If this feature doesn't make it in, it is going to make it even harder for me to justify a purchase. With Titanfall on the horizon this is the last COD I was planning on getting, now however I'm questioning that decision. If IW can't implement a basic feature such as an FOV slider do they really expect us to believe they are going to work on mod support?


      The PC COD community is already dwindling due to their lack of proper PC support over recent releases and with this release I think it may be at an all time low. So how do you feel about this development fellow PC gamers?


      EDIT: Sent out a tweet to Mark Rubin, we'll see if he even acknowledges it as a problem.

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          1. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

          Personally, I hate a 90-degree FOV ... way, way too much zooming in and out for my tastes and it gives me a headache not to mention makes me dizzy. However, my concern is improved Resolution support, namely 2560 x 1080 which is the 'new' Ultrawide (21:9) standard. I assume beyond 1920 x 1080 (HD) at launch other resolutions will be properly supported 2560 x 1080 (new), 2560 x 1440, 2560 x 1600, and I hope 5760 x 1080 all on day one; i.e. no letterboxing, etc.

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            2. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

            See and an FOV that's too low has the same effect on me. Headache, dizziness, etc. It feels like I'm playing the game while looking through binoculars. If the default FOV wasn't so damned low it probably wouldn't bother me as much but 65 FOV is insane. I would be happy with 80 FOV but anything lower is disorienting for me. This is why they need a slider, because not everyone's eyes work the same.


            I'm losing faith fast when it comes to this release. It's looking more and more like their big features for PC are just for the Nvidia marketing campaign. I'm hoping they prove me wrong but right now I am not optimistic about this game on PC. I was disappointed with MW3 and BO2. I was willing to give the franchise one last shot but they're making it harder and harder for me.

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              Typically, I set mine between 65-75, the 'problem' for those that constantly ADS (like myself) and don't Noob hip-fire is the LAG/Latency found by >80 FOV. 75 is close to no zoom ... unchanged FOV when you ADS.

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                4. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                I normally set mine to around 85, but in the beta for BF4 I have had to set it to 95.


                The lack of the FOV Slider just shows the lack of proper support we are actually getting or going to get with this game.


                I am just glad I have not bought it yet.

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                  5. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                  Hopefully there'll be somthing to fix this. Or, as that would be enough, a proper default.


                  The "old" CoDs had a default of 80, which is more-or-less enough to enjoy it. 65, like MW3, simply doesn't work out. It gave me a headache, easily, maybe even pronounced by the claustrophobic and chaotic maps.

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                    6. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                    To be clear, our opinions regarding FOV implementation are the same and something so basic should indeed be available on day one release. Clearly this game and BLOPS2 are all about the Consoles while the PC rides in the back of the bus.

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                      7. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                      No FOV adjustment is a letdown. I feel like I'm playing in a tunnel with a locked 65 FOV and it gives me a headache. Make it at least 75-80, and give PC players the choice. Sick and tired of IW dictating to players how to play. We aren't console players and we all know a FOV adjustment is nothing new in FPS games, so it should be just automatically in the game settings. We shouldn't have to beg for the one of the simplest features to be included in a game in year 2013.


                      Special attention to PC players this time around, eh Infinity Ward? Bullsh.... Guess I'll be still playing Black Ops 2, BF3 and BF4, which (omg!) have FOV adjustment.

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                        8. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                        Most of the so called 'killers' in this game use a 65 FOV. The Zooming back and forth when you ADS throws-off your aim. Now those Noobs that only hip-fire then sure they prefer the 90 FOV. Beyond 80 FOV you not only start to fish-eye and distort but there are also a number of rendering and other problems that effect the game. IF you want a wider image then the new 21:9 (2560 x 1080) monitors are a good option that is IF Ghosts will support them; see comments above.


                        Here's and example of 65, 75, 80 & 90 with ADS Zooming - http://i.imgur.com/dTpg435.jpg

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                          9. Re: Ghosts on PC "No FOV slider planned"

                          I have made my thoughts public knowledge on this matter, in my letter to Mark Rubin posted elsewhere on this forum. But I have to agree an FOV slider in a very basic requirement of any PC gamer. One small feature which makes a huge difference to the players experience, when playing any game on a PC. MW 3 was unplayable for me until I found a great third party tool to change the FOV. Hopefully this is just a small oversight which will be rectified either pre or post-launch? With the emphasis on the PRE-LAUNCH. OR perhaps the default FOV on the PC version will ship with a higher default of say 80 degree’s? I sincerely hope and pray this is the case? Some sort of confirmation from IW would not go a miss too. I have to commend Treyarch for the job their dedicated PC team has done with BO II and the PC community. At least there’s a focal point to address one’s concerns!!!   

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