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    DMK ELITE Pro's Clan Recruitment PS3 to PS4

      DMK Elite Pro Squad Recruitment



      Hello everyone! I'm ScorchKnight69. For the past five years we have been running a solid crew of very professional players with solid team work and creative people. We have many different areas of divisions that actually is becoming on new strand of clan stretchment. We are going National for division spreads to become larger and more efficient with substantial outcomes of greatness. For the past four years of the five we have been on Xbox Live, but recently made a transfer to Playstation for many good reasons.


      As you all may know the new game "Ghost" for COD will be out shortly. We are doing new strategies to make more advanced teams possible and stronger in the DMK Elite PRO Clan. You may be asking what does DMK mean. It stands for, Disasters Mean Khaos a.k.a, DMK. Now at this time we are seeking out new members with the following exceptions only allowed.


      • You must 18+ will not accept any other age group younger than 18.
      • You must be able to abide by all the rules and speak directly with the S.O.D of the DMK Elite Pros crew when applying or speaking to the staff.
      • A K.D.R of .80 and up is strictly enforced.
      • Make sure and add ScorchKnight69 - Clan Leader
      • Make sure you add BagsAndZigZags - Co-Leader and Lead Pro Operator of the DMK Pro Crew.

      Also you can check us out on the FB for more info upon request for the FB page.


      Thank you very much looking forward to new recruits for our National Squad Please feel free to write us at anytime dmkelites@gmail.com