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      I Been looking foward to join a quickscoping clan or any clan. Im a average quickscoper and a reguler player i have a 1.27 k/d i just want to be in a clan are there any out there i can join?


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          Hey i just started a clan and i am looking for new members my ID is kobepkid and the clan name is BatGangBoyz send an application on here and a friend request if your looking to join

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              I have a clan i started a while back, The name is xRYG. We are level 7 and you would be our 19th member. Feel free to apply and ill accept your application

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                  Hey, ive been looking to join a clan for a while now, and i tried to apply but i guess something wrong with my computer.. umm i average 35-60 kills per game (minimum) so if you would like to talk just add me on aamirjm and i guess we can talk from there..