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    origins - air strike throw time limit (solo mode)


      ok so im playing solo i place all staffs inside robots , then when i goo push red button i wait till he says 1 says 0 in my head hit button.... sequence something it says when its pressed...... fly out the top of robot throw air strike nothing happens too the crater this may a smooth 7- 9 seconds is it still to late too throw im doing it solo


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          You don't have time to run to the fence and throw it, you need to throw it above boxes while running. I practice with semtexes while waiting for robot. If robot is coming and leg is closed I wait for him too pass, practice my throwing, run to church for more semtexes and come back and robots should be passing again. Also a little tip: after you fall from robot, you always face same direction, seal is always to your right.