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    Zombies Ranking System Help??

      Can someone PLEASE explain the zombies ranking to me, there are SOOO many videos about it that are different that I am just confused. It is really annoying. Can someone please tell me the true ranking system in zombies? Thanks!

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          The more games you have played, the higher the KD ratio you will need to rank up... Start a new account and you only need like 50KD for knife and 100 for shotguns (you also need a minimum number of games played (not a lot), and minimum 10000 kills)...


          An account with more games played needs up to about 125 KD for knife and 250 KD for shotguns.  It's got nothing to do with consistency or revives or anything else, if you want shotties then get to 250KD using any method at all...

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            Also keen to nooo i got my knife with skull when i 1st started i had a 90KD By the sounds of it u need around 200 KD to get shotguns think like 30+ for skull