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    competitive gaming!!!


      Should IW put league play in the new Ghosts? I for one hope they do. Are at least something that could be compared with that. What are you're opinions about it? And is there anything that WE as a community could do, so our voice's will be heard?

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          Should they? NO, will they? Probably something similar if not the same.


          I like many others have absolutely no interest in MLG, I play these games for fun and laughs with friends. black ops 2s league play was pretty much a complete flop, very few people actually played it regularly, i think i played the 5 placement games and couldn't believe how shocking the whole thing was. It had some major flaws that i think pushed alot of people away from it as well as the fact most people didn't want to play competitively in the first place.


          The main issue with league was the lack of numbers meaning proper skill based matchmaking could never succeed as intended.


          Then there was the issue where parties could play in the solo league and solo players in the teams league... This should never have been allowed, teams should be for teams of 4 only and solo league should not allow parties.


          My opinion is league took up valuable time and resources to implement, time and resources that could have been better spent on other areas and issues.

          The game wouldn't have suffered had league not been implemented.


          Then there's the competition side of things, All COD competitions (the main ones at least) and MLG games are based on the XBOX, now im not an expert but didn't people qualify for these comps through the league play section of the game? If so then that renders league completely useless on any platform other than XBOX 360. Which reiterates the waste of time/space/money trying to implement it on the other platforms when they receive no benefit from it.

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            There will be no league, but Squads.

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              theres an entire clan versus clan mode which will be integrated into the new version of elite too #CoDesports

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                was league play any good? i think i played a couple games solo,never went back, they always do comps/elite comps more the core players . IW - just do the comps like this : most tags collected in KC , doesnt matter which mode you play , same for most kills in TDM , doesnt matter which mode your in you just gotta play that game type etc.  dont no what you get in league play, prizes? 


                I reckon competitive play is a must for ps4 , Xbox always does that comp you see on elite tv , i would like to win something or at least have a chance at it

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                  I only play league now, so I would like it.

                  But so far, things are pretty vague in terms of league returning.


                  We do get dedicated servers, squads mode and they have said they're bringing competitive play back.

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                    League play had its pros and cons. I rarely played it but sometimes a person gets tired of the twirling snipers or the scavenger c4 users or uav spam. League play had none of the things like that and generally everyone on your team was trying to win.