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    A Wallbang Spot for HC Dom B-Flag on Hijacked

      So, I just discovered this spot a few nights ago and it's been really fun to use.  If anyone of you know it already, awesome! If not, then I hope it gets you a few easy kills.


      The class I have specifically for this map on HC Dom is:


      Scar H w/ MMS + Quickdraw [I like the SCAR H because it has the strongest penetration power of the ARs]


      Hardwired + Toughness [Hardwired because EMPs can mess up your MMS]

      Extreme Conditioning + Dexterity

      Perk 2 Greed

      Perk 3 Greed


      On Hijacked, if you go to the decks below and next to the pillar under B-Flag. If you're coming from the C-flag, you'll stand on the right side of the pillar. If you come from the A-flag, it's on the left side of the pillar. Or the side opposite of the hot tub.  If you look up, there is a narrow space of ceiling unblocked by any piping. This is directly under the B-flag. From this spot, if you look at B-flag, your MMS will pick up anyone capping and you can kill them if theyre directly standing on the B-Flag or next to it. Also, you can easily spot enemies running from either flag towards the B-flag and you can pick them off.


      Also, since it's HC Mode, there is no HUD w/o a UAV/VSAT and no Kill cams, so you it's a really dirty spot to defend B-Flag without being spotted.  Also, you can just peak towards the enemy flag and see if anyone is come down below as well.  So, for all you campers/flag defenders, this is a little spot you could probably use.


      Here are 2 videos showing where the spot is. The first one is on HC Dom and the other is on Dom, just to show it works for both modes.