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    Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

      Just my opinions of why I dislike this game so much I didn't buy any of the DLCs for it.


      1. I always hated Zombies in CoD but why should it come with Multiplayer maps not a seperate DLC for just players that just play Zombies.


      2. Why the heck did you remove Barebones? I played it on MW2 and Black ops 1 and MW3 when I'm fed up of air support like every 5 secs.


      3. 150 Kills with nothing and bloodthirsty challenges? are you joking? Not every gun is great and stuff like knife takes the piss.


      4. Even with the DSR nerf people are still quickscoping me so fast even I shoot first and they react and fire like 0.01 secs.


      5. Shoot first but I die first is way more comon on this game and hit detection where I empty a clip of MTAR and they kill me in 2-3 shots at any range.


      6. Lag is so bad on this game.


      7. Small DLCs are overpriced why pay for calling cards, extra slots and camos?


      8. No respawn protection means scorestreaks can spawn trap you and cannot move out of it. MW3 done it right by adding 5 sec protection.


      9. One sided spawns are back again in Demolition what causes spawn trapping.


      10. Skill based Matchmaking is a joke. I get put into bad teams vs High levels and Master Prestigers with 2 K/D and twice the SPM raping the bad teams and solo players.


      11. 2 Shotguns are too powerful especially the KSG. Remmington is too powerful for a low level gun.


      12. Grip and Long barrel are useless.


      13. Target Finder is a stupid idea it promotes camping and bad players.


      14. Theater mode sucks. If I get a good game, Theater mode doesn't record it. If I do bad or average it records it.


      15. Bouncing Betties are too quiet and they are faster than MW3s


      16. Ghost is not unlocked till level 55. Way to cater to UAV campers.


      17. Lack of settings in private match.


      18. You cannot use friends names on bots. In Black Ops 1 you can and it was fun to kill bots with friends gamertags on them.


      19. Campaign is boring like things that happened before in games.


      20. Pick 10 sucks.


      21. Too many headglitch spots in maps.


      22. Carrier is the worst map in Black Ops 2.


      23. Offensive and rude Emblems.


      24. Stupid clan tags like W33D and YOLO.


      25. No kill challenges for guns.


      I'm done with this piece of **** game. I hope Ghosts will be better.

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          1. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

          if this game is so horrible why did you play it for a year? and you hope ghosts will be better LOL.

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            2. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

            Every other game out there has lag. It may be another 50 years by the time you get internet with no lag.


            No one forces you to buy the DLC.


            There are a thousand other games out there to play. Too bad they all have lag. I mean look at GTA5 there STILL is the points where a players car will show up ten feet behind for a second then be twenty feet ahead of you the next. Oh wait that wasnt the game, its called latency.

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              3. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

              I'm getting the vibe that you are not a good player with all this complaints.

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                4. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                you get that too?

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                  5. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                  I always believe that a good player would have adapted and take every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

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                    6. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                    You mean like adapt to offensive emblems


                    Seriously though offensive emblems should not be why a person hates the game. Its not like the only choice we have is offensive emblems.


                    Offensive emblems is the product of a childish mind, not the product of a game. Blame the mind, not the game.


                    I am surprised he didnt mention boosters. Oh yeah thats right he probably boosts cause he cant adapt


                    I cant wait for Ghosts to come out and see all those people that blame the game because it sucks even though they made a choice to pre-order it. "Even Black Ops 2 was better than this."

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                      7. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                      Wow!  Everyone knows that certain friend or family member who does nothing but complain, who will find in the best of things the worst of things. 


                      Not saying BOII doensn't have its share of problems (some quite severe), but I'm guessing you'll find plenty of faults in Ghosts as well.  Not b/c any game is going to have issues, but that's just what you do. 

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                        8. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                        Run_N_Gunning_Camper wrote:


                        I always believe that a good player would have adapted and take every challenge as an opportunity to learn.

                        Quite telling that the long list of gripes are almost all the things that good players take advantage of, and bad players are victims to. 

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                          9. Re: Why do I hate Black Ops 2.

                          that is a lot of complaints about nothing. carrier is probably one of the best maps IMO.


                          yes COD is known for it's lag and some people seem to notice it more than others, but its not the games downfall. its more of who you are playing with.


                          the only complaints i have about this game is how easy it is to get kicked on hardcore and how idiotic other players are. lol. i did not play for almost 6 months and forgot why i quit playing up until yesterday. when i quit playing my KD ratio was above 2! and i figured out the game just fine, but i will say that i dont really like ANY of the new maps... studio being the exception. the rest they should have left in the past or never made up... so i deleted all but the first DLC pack and play stock maps only now.


                          also, the fact that nuketown was supposed to be 24/7 FOREVER as promised when this game was released, was a real let down, and lack of hardcore modes was too.


                          i agree with some of your dislikes, but most just seem stupid and childish. please stay out of hardcore lobbies.

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