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    "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

      Did a run to 50 without building staffs and to my surprise MK2 did a fast job clearing trains at this round without running low on ammo, the whole gameplay was about 4hrs long. Now I will attempt round 70 solo game and also round 50 runs with a team, my question to you guys…


      Is it faster to just train in crazy place using guns or will it be faster to do the Easter Egg and use the staffs? The question is aimed at both solo and teamplay games.

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          Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

          In co-op games it is better to do the ee. You can get through rounds fast at either the tank station or the tank ledge near jug, it's also nice to have staff rev as a back up when teamies go down, Solo it really depends if you want headshots, I usually just upgrade ice and wind.

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              Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

              Thanks for your reply, im not sure if you understand what im trying to ask.


              Option A: Crazy Place without staffs

              Option B: Crazy Place with staffs, EE

              Which is a faster strategy past round50 shooting for 70? is the question...


              To clarify this a bit if you dont pick up staff parts the walls in crazy place dont move, if EE is accomplished same effect presented. This makes a very easy fast training strategy in the Crazy Place, but both options have good and bad about them...


              Option A: Fast start to the game, after 50 strategy becomes time consuming.

              Option B: EE is time consuming to complete(so this will result in a slow start to the game), after 50 fast strategy with staffs.

              As you can see both strategies have benefits and drawbacks to them.

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              Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

              I did it solo to test it out for high round solo. But being so late and the EE is so draining i screwed up at 46.

              It took me 3 hours to do the EE round 24 and spent an hour trying to get 7 perks and get the MK2 which would not come out of the box.


              By round 30 I was at crazy place just using Packed wall guns. By 40 Staff only and that suprisingly only took less than an hour.

              So for me I reckon with the staffs if you don't like getting the extra perks it will be quicker.

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                Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

                A 70+ game will be much faster to accomplish by completing the easter egg first rather than running it without staffs.


                I ran up to 59 without even building the staffs and used stg/ak only.  Upper 50's were taking approximately 30-40 minutes to complete.  I'm sure raygun II would have significantly changed that but you'd be running out of ammo pretty quick in the 60's and having to default to wall guns anyway. 


                Completing the easter egg on solo takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete and will be done around round 20, give or take a few rounds.  2 hours is the fastest I've been able to do it so far and it was because I got lucky with the robot foot immediately being in the right place at the right time on the rain fire step.  That step alone in previous attempts has, at its worst, taken me 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete just due to waiting for the opening to appear.  So realistically, 3-4 hours to complete the egg on solo is a safe bet. 


                Those same rounds that took 30-40 minutes in the upper 50's without staffs, took 5-10 minutes with staffs.  You can imagine how horribly long 70+ would take without staffs (hours per round).  70+ with staffs were running at 10-20 minutes.  There's no question the staffs will significantly cut down on time for a high round run.  At 70+ only the ice and wind staffs were still killing them.  Fire and electric were worthless.   


                The time it takes to complete the easter egg is a small potato compared to the overall time spent going for 70+ with wall/box guns alone.    

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                    Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

                    Thank you for such an awesome reply


                    I noticed a way to speed through the rounds without staffs but some may think of it as an exploit although it is very similar to a trap strategy on a map like mob or kino.

                    After 50 i used stg to deal a little damage that it can to zombies, then i teleported back out to the top and back in to crazy place, and we all know what happens to last zombie when it is damaged right... yip they all die, you get no kills but you see where im coming from, it is fast.

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                    Re: "ORIGINS" high round dilemma...

                    Tbh the only problem after round 30 is keeping the game interesting. Running trains for 4+ hours isn't fun to me so maybe after high rounds treyarch can do something different like a new area is unlocked or something other than what they have now. doing the tasks in motd and origins is fun and once you hit a certain round everything is done and the game gets boring.


                    Quick side note: i hope treyarch follows the game formula with origins into the next game making 4 WW and have that task based gameplay but hopefully lasts til everyone goes down passed round 30 or 40. motd was ehh and the hardness of origins made it have better replayablility

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