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    Reason behind "server down" or unexpected bans.

      It seems a lot of people are wondering why the servers are down/why they are banned, I will explain this to help. The first thing you should know is the servers aren't actually down, you're just banned. Most likely permanently, and you will have to start a new account. The reason behind the ban may not be obvious so I'll explain the most likely cause for it; it's the XP lobbies. Whether you got in one purposely or not, if the host of the game watched a theater video with a sort of infection in it, you will most likely be banned, the ban is most likely done automatically, because Treyarch does not really have concern for the mods that go on in this game anymore. The most common place for these XP lobbies seems to be Team Tactical, but it really depends on how the person that has the infection decides to act. If you get into one of these lobbies, I suggest you sign out and quit the game and re-launch. Hope this clears it up for people that don't know why they're banned/why the servers are down. Also, I would like to point out that these mods won't be stopped because Treyarch no longer makes patches for this game, and even if they still did, I have a hard time believing this could be stopped anyway, so the blame should not be put on Treyarch for mods and or other type of things that go on in this game.