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    BIG DLC problem !

      So I bought only 1,2 and 4th DLC for black ops 2 , and I'm missing the third one , my problem is I can't find players to game with . Now I see Treyarch made the Apocalypse Lobby , but I got bored there . Whe need /want , all other DLC's to show up like the Apocalypse DLC in the menu so whe can play other maps too , because if whe dont own the other DLC"s , like me , whe can't find lobby to game , and whe quit trying , Please do something Treyarch , I hope someone from there is looking around here . This is a serious problem for me , because I dont know when I'l buy the third DLC

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          When you have 4 different DLCs you wind up with about ten sets you can be in. So when you look for a lobby with very few pickins it is the fault of the amount of players , not the game. Every set has about the same amount of players in it.


          If you have 800 players in the world in one gametype then that means there are about 50 players across the world with the maps that you have. Minus the amount of players already in games, etc. Then subtract the amount of players not in your region/ country. So for example you could be in a gametype where there are only 10 people across the world not playing, quite possibly only 2 people in your region so right there is not enough to start a lobby.


          You got people with no map packs and people with all map packs. Thats two sets right there.


          Then you got people with map pack one by itself.

          Then you got people with only 1 and 2, etc.

          Eight different sets of people with some subset of map packs.

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            Move those DLCs into a USB thumbstick and try playing without them. You should be able to find games just not with the DLC maps.

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              From what I've read and it seems to be true from personal experience playing in parties with not everyone having all of the DLC's, when you are in a lobby (a normal gamemode lobby) and a DLC map is chosen that you don't have you get kicked from that lobby.  So it would stand to reason that if you do have the DLC then you shouldn't have any trouble finding matches on DLC maps just playing the normal playlists.  Not having DLC 3 shouldn't make a difference since the map selection engine doesn't seem to factor in who has what DLC when it decides which maps to offer up for voting.