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    Quickscoping - a simple solution

      I apologise if this has already been suggested, but I don't really come on to forums and tbh can't be bothered to wade through the arguments & counter arguments to quickscoping.


      The solution is simple.  Really simple.


      Why don't the developers create game modes that prohibit the use of sniper rifles?


      Think about it.  If you're like me and find that quickscoping ruins the experience of playing a really good game, I'd go into a lobby where quickscoping didn't happen.  I then wouldn't get quickscoped.


      If you're a quickscoper, you can go into a game mode and quickscope your little fingers off, and it wouldn't effect me at all.


      Problem solved.


      Any objective game mode, without quickscoping would be heaven for those that hate it.


      Everyone is a winner.  It's simple.

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          Thats rediculous. There shouldnt be game modes that prohibit the use of snipers. What they should do is bring back CoD 4 sniping so that quickscoping takes skill and it is still possible to casually snipe.

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            Quit trolling, the simple solution was take it out of the game, which they did.

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              I got a better solution for you- get better!


              You can't beat quickscopers then it's your problem.

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                I have a simple solution for complainers like you it's very simple and I apologize if this has already been used and that is the developers stop listening to people who complain 100% of the time about stupid idiotic things that can be adapted to.

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                  you could just play hardcore... almost no quickscopers there

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                    - don't complain just because you got shot by a sniper

                    - side step: Don't stand still, Don't run in a straight line


                    There will always be instances where you are going to get one-shot by someone who is good at aiming couple with decent reflexes.  It is only an issue when it is too easy to do (it becomes annoying, and the game becomes one dimensional: More people are reduced to using a smaller set of weapons).  However, just because you get shot here and there, does not constitute a "problem"


                    MW2 - Quickscoping way too easy and rampant

                    BO1 - Quickscoping was non-existent, they they made it so snipers could be used again. QS was not an issue

                    MW3 - Quickscoping way too easy and rampant

                    BO2 - Quickscoping easier than BO1, not as bad as MW2. I (personally) never complained about it because I adapted after all these years of playing COD.

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                      Yes most poeple who dont use snipers hate them but that doesnt mean to prohibit them when there's clans like faze on 2 million and thousands of others so that just wouldnt be fair to them!

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                             Guys, in Ghosts quick scoping is harder than normal and actually requires some skill. BUT with the snipers being much more powerful then before the people that can quick scope will be very strong.

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                                  Si l'ont commence a enlever, retirer les snipers du jeu, cela deviendras une chaîne sans fin.... Si on enlève ce genre de joueurs, alors il faut enlever les Fusils - Mitrailleur, les fusils d'assaut, ou limiter leur porté et accessoires de visée et ainsi de suite...

                                  Ils ont déjà enlevé le camouflage des snipers qui était existant dans MW3, ce qui était idiot...

                            C'est à toi et à tes coéquipiers de mettre une tactique en place pour neutraliser le ou les snipers.... Donc dans ta team ou ta futur team, tu ne veut pas de snipers.! Tu vas faire quoi, les virer et perdre soit une défens ou un offensif...

                              Avec ceux de ma team ( ultra'inferno ) ( qui recrute toujours joueurs sérieux, motivés )  On faisait déjà des mises en place de tactiques... l'inconvénient, c'est que nous perdions un peu de temps, alors que dans Ghosts c'est prévu....

                                  J'espère t'avoir un peu mieux convaincu et fait comprendre que tout types de joueurs sont fortement utile pour ton " escouade".!!

                                                  A +.... good game....


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                            just make it so that you cant aim fast with snipers. they are supposed to be weapons that take time to aim anyway. why cant they slow down the aim speed for the snipers like the LMG`s?

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                              "sniping your enemy is like hunting any other animal. Fire at the wrong moment and your chance will be forever lost."


                              ~Viktor Reznov

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                                Because they are not going to make that many playlists for it would split the player base too much.

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                                  I think what they should do, is have your firing cone get larger, rather than smaller, while your gun is in motion, moving from hip fire to ADS.


                                  As it stands now, the firing cone gets smaller while the gun is in motion. This effectively gives you an immediate increase in accuracy. With Quickdraw on, the effect is so significant, that you can get accurate kills before the scope even covers the screen.


                                  If they reversed that, so that your accuracy first decreased while the ADS animation was running... and only after you're looking down the scope, does your firing cone collapse to its most accurate point, then people would at least have to wait until they have completed the ADS animation before firing an accurate shot.


                                  People might still get lucky every now and then, but they can do that anway with a hip fired sniper.


                                  I think it would also be more realistic, as I would expect a steady hip fired gun to be more accurate than a gun actively being moved from the hip to eye level.

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                                    The Sniper rifle's ADS animation should be like in BO1 or CoD4.