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    Celerity Gaming Recruiting (In need of Leaders)



      Hello everyone! Celerity Gaming is now recruiting, and our website is currently still under construction but now usable to the public! We will accept any and all players if they are age 15 or older and are mature gamers! Please apply to our clan on our website if you are interested http://celeritygaming.enjin.com/apply


      Due to a clan cleanout, we are in need of leaders for our clan who are not afraid to take on a little responsibility. If you are interested in becoming a leader, you must register on our site and leave ArcticAzazel a message or wall post saying so AFTER you submit an application to join.


      Our needs for leaders:


      • Competitive Leaders (Two Spots Open)
      • Co-Leader for Xbox LIVE division (One Spot Open)
      • Website Moderators (Unlimited)
      • Recruiting Officers (Unlimited)
      • PSN Division Leaders (Two Spots Open)


      Tags have been made on our site for many things, including all ranks and for alternate things, such as Guest, Graphics Designer, etc.


      Hit me up on live if you want to join! ArcticAzazel