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    (PS3) Zen Gaming Clan Recruiting Now!


      Hey Call of Duty players, we are Zen Gaming for PS3! Now, don't go to press that back arrow yet just because of our name. Zen Gaming isn't what you think. We are both top notch players and people just looking to have fun. Started on October 4, 2013 by a group of friends, we hope to transform Zen Gaming to even more of a family than it already is. Here at Zen Gaming, we have our very own website where you can talk, hang out, and do plenty of other stuff. Once you have applied, you will have to go through an evaluation period that may last up to 7 days. This is how we determine your mic skill, maturity, game skill etc. There are ranks that are set, which you will learn more about once you get here! Although we know you are ready to go and apply, we have a few important rules.


      1. Age: 15+
      2. Have a mic
      3. A good attitude
      4. Have fun!


      If you agree to all these rules, then you're ready to go! See you there.