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    Fresh start

      treyarch can you please get me back where I was I was prestige 9 lvl 55 I just got primary mastery and diamond pistols I was wondering if You can get me back because i dont know really much about call of duty so the first cod game I ever had was black ops 2 so i thought fresh start was something that when you get to level 55 you can prestige but no thats not the case I got everything that I got gone i would like to play black ops 2 but i dont want to do another 9 prestiges so can u please help me my gamertag is HDTRAYTACO all caps

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          Theres nothing they can do- it was your choice to reset your stats.


          And doesn't it say multiple times that it will reset your stats?

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            You made it through 10 prestige.. you knew what you were doing.

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              it does say there it is going to reset all your stats and there is nothing going back. if you prestige 9 times already you should know how to prestige properly. nothing you can do but star all over.

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                im done with treyarch i was excited for diamond snipers why is there a fresh start option in the first place

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                    Done with Treyarch because of what you did? Ok, that makes sense.


                    Its not that hard to reach 9th prestige again. You obviously know what you're doing and if you dont even worry about camos, you'll get there pretty quickly. I reset my PM and I'm already on prestige 6, lvl 34 with only 3 in game days + 15hrs of game play in. So, it's not that hard to jump right back into it if you know how to level up fast.


                    Fresh Start is for those who want to start over and maybe do better. Or who get bored with being a PM and want another challenge.

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                    Greetings HDTraytaco,


                    Unfortunately the reward deletes all player data, making it like new. This is why you must confirm several times before using the actual reward as this process is irreversible.


                    Very sorry for the frustration this has caused you!



                    ATVI Support