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    Competitive Clan Recruiting for 360 Now




      United Intuition Gaming [UIG] is a competitive community of BO2 Gamers. Right now we are looking for competitive League players(Both Champion and Mosh), Players with MLG Gamebattle experience, Pub stompers, and Livestreamers over the age of 18.


      What we have

      50 Active members

      Full User friendly website

      Member spotlight

      Ranks and Awards

      Forums and Chat room



      Mumble Voice server

      Free Downloads



      If you are a Livestreamer and make it through our recruitment and wish to Livestream for us, your livestream will be posted on our website livestream page. You will also be supplied with custom channel art and video editing for both twitch and YouTube which includes Themes, Banners, and Social Layovers.



      If you think you have what it takes please Visit http://intuitiongaming.enjin.com and fill out a recruitment form under the UIG tab.



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      Twitch -GrimReapa