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    COKE_BOYZ {1CBz} PS3 Recruiting good Domination players

      Hey what's up people, if you wanna join a fun, strict, DESTRUCTIVE clan join ours.If you wanna apply to COKE_BOYZ, place your gamertag and comment in the comment section and I will check out your stats and add you if you qualify.The qualifications are you MUST have a 1.35 & above K/D, be active (not very very active but reasonable amount of time), get along with others,NO F**KING RAGE QUITTING!!!!! and being able to mess up peoples K/D lol.Its nothing to serious really we just dominate other clans in clan battles and stuff, its really really fun once you join and tell your friends about it if there looking for a LIVE domination clan.PEACE OUT Y'ALL HOPE YOU APPLY. https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/3976737