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    Marksman Class... my thoughts on awesome-sauce.

      With COD Ghosts we are getting a new class of weapons... Marksman.


      ICYMI, this class is intended to be somewhere between an AR and a pure sniper rifle. Recently I finished reading the latest Johnathan Grave book and finding not a lot else to read opted to re-read American Sniper. This is the book by Navy SEAL Sniper, Chris Kyle. There's a great section where he describes the various sniper weapons and a particular passage on the MK 12 which really made me think of the Marksman class in COD.


      The gun was super-easy to handle, and was virtually interchangeable with the M-4, which, though not a sniper weapon, is still a valuable combat tool. As a matter of fact, when I got back to my platoon, I took the lower receiver off my M-4 and put it on the upper receiver of my Mk-12. That gave me a collapsible stock and allowed me to go full-auto. (I see now that some Mk-12s are being equipped with the collapsible stock.)


      Pretty much nails what COD Ghosts looks to be doing with the Marksman class.


      I cannot wait to use it.


      A weapon class that will emphasize accuracy, have the power of a sniper but the ease of use of an AR. A lot of people will complain Marksman guns are OP or noobish...


      ... yet I don't think warrior like Chris Kyle is a noob for using one but he certainly was OP.